Liberals Are So Anti-Trump That Their Policies Are Determined By His Moves

One will recall the 1980s when liberals thought the Soviet Union was the wave of the future and that Communism would dominate over America’s evil and unjust Capitalism. Democrats thought it was their party’s duty to help the Soviets in their attempts to destroy America. In fact, Ted Kennedy even took a secret trip to Moscow and met with Russian officials in an attempt to undermine President Ronald Reagan’s policies to rid the world of Communism and liberate the suffering people trapped behind the Iron Curtain in Russia and other Soviet Block countries. Unfortunately for America’s Soviet-loving Democrat party, but fortunately for the rest of the world, the Soviet Union collapsed and America became even stronger as our Capitalism proved its value in making our nation wealthy and keeping Americans free.

Now, because Donald Trump is in the White House and liberals think they have a chance to get rid of him with their ridiculous collusion investigation, the Democrat party has flip-flopped and now insists that Russia is the modern-day evil power in the world, even though Barack Obama scolded Mitt Romney in a 2012 presidential debate for suggesting just this very notion, of Russia being an evil, dangerous threat to America. In fact Obama thought so favorably of Russia and of its dictator, Vladimir Putin, that he was recorded on an open mic as he met secretly with Putin and begged Putin to allow him time to get re-elected and then they could work together to achieve Putin’s ends. If this isn’t an example of Russian collusion, I don’t know what is.

And now, following the liberal flip-flop on Russia, America’s liberals are beginning to pivot from wearing China’s Chairman Mao T-shirts and waving Mao’s Little Red Book, both of which John Lennon told us were indicators of wisdom and enlightenment in the 1970s, and liberals are now beginning to criticize the Chinese and their totalitarian Communist nationalized prison camp, mostly because President Trump is attempting to use China as a wedge against North Korea, whom liberals apparently still love.

One even wonders at the liberal adoration for Kim Jong-Un’s sister as she attended the Winter Olympics a few weeks ago in South Korea. Was that expression of fondness for the sister of the murderer in control of North Korea any indication of, and the result of, their anti-Trump leanings, as our president tries to protect America from the nuclear development and the direct, in-our-face threat of a nuclear attack, that is coming from the North Korean dictator?

If trends continue in their current vein, and if President Trump does have a plan for peace in the Middle East that is successful, our liberal press will have to start expressing adoration for ISIS and the Syrian president who, wholesale, gases and bombs his own citizens, and liberals may soon have to make excuses for ISIS’s beheadings and drownings. And can it be far off that the former socialist hero, Hugo Chavez, is criticized as Venezuela drowns in a pile of human destruction begun by that demented ruler, and whose policies are continuing to starve Venezuelans today via a series of totalitarian, socialist despots? Senator Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist, but his silence at the horror going on in Venezuela, by fellow socialists, might well be taken as his approval with the current dictatorial government there.

And can the Castro brothers continue to be the heroes that Barack Obama and the American left made them out to be, while Donald Trump is in office? And one wonders about the American left’s love affair with Che Guevara; what happens to that love when American liberals discover that Che killed every Central American peasant who rejected and tried to oppose his taking their land for his own personal profit?

And finally, liberals are beginning to turn their backs on Communist Viet Nam, which was heroically depicted by liberals as a haven for freedom and liberty in the 1970s when America was fighting there to overthrow the Communists in the north. A possible reason for the seeming backing-off of American liberal love for Viet Nam has occurred as President Trump begins to normalize relations with Viet Nam by allowing our naval vessels to take R&R leave-time there, hoping to get Viet Nam’s assistance to put more pressure on China to control the excesses of Rocket-Boy in North Korea. As America grows closer to Viet Nam, the American left sees less heroism in that country and the attraction dims as President Trump becomes more friendly.

The old quip is true: If liberal Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all. But it’s become frightfully evident that those standards swing and revolve in the wind generated by the dynamic Trump presidency.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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