Liberal Reaction to Trump Cornstarch Attack Proof That Snowflakes Aren’t So Sensitive After All

The liberal elite always claim to be more progressive than the rest of us. They pride themselves on standing up for the rights of groups that are supposedly marginalized. Whether it’s gay people who are arguably doing much better than most or individuals who identify as transgender, Democrats like to present themselves as the torchbearers for the minorities in this country. But are they really as sensitive as they say?

Evidence seems to suggest otherwise; earlier this month, we saw the anti-Trump movement’s true colors. Donald Trump, Jr.’s wife was rushed off to New York-Presbyterian Hospital after opening an envelope addressed to her husband which contained a mysterious white powder.

As anyone who lived through the post-9/11 anthrax scare can tell you, the incident had to be a horrifying experience for Mrs. Trump, just as it would be for any one of us. Especially since the envelope also contained a cruel and cryptic note about Trump, Jr. being an awful person and getting what he deserves.

Mrs. Trump was rightfully upset and nauseated after opening the letter. There is no doubt that she must have felt shaken up even after learning that the powder was cornstarch and, therefore, non-hazardous. But that didn’t stop the liberal trolls from having a laugh at another human being’s expense.

Within hours of the news, they flocked to social media to mock Vanessa Trump, accusing the Trump family of being “lying wankers happy to cause distractions” and alleging that Mrs. Trump’s traumatizing experience was a cover-up.

Another emphasized their lack of sympathy by Tweeting, “I don’t give one single solitary atom of a f***.”

Those who celebrated this sick and malicious prank fail to note the irony of their outburst. After all, these are the same individuals who call the president a petty bully when he persistently tweets about his detractors in the media and the House.

Apparently, those who blubber like babies about gun control in the wake of mass shootings and insist that the government should ban most common accessories of the AR-15 find it funny when someone sends death threats to the family of a sitting president.

One such sicko was a Twitter user by the handle @ClassicCherub (real name: Michael Seraphim) who tweeted, “Tragic…that jr. didn’t open it!”

To say that this kind of heartless joking is more than a little hypocritical is a gross understatement. We all the know that the state of the internet is one of vicious barbs and constant trolling. Twisted people with nothing better to do take to platforms like Reddit to stalk people and, in some cases, expose their secrets to the web.

There’s even a subreddit called “Stalking—You’re my secret hobby” dedicated to the subject. But one would not expect this kind of behavior from people who think of themselves as being so morally superior. And, perhaps, that is the problem; the liberals have been allowed to paint their own portrait in this country and the image they conjure is one that’s far-removed from the truth.

History shows that the Commander-in-Chief’s opponents are a violent and deplorable bunch, one that would gang up and beat a middle-aged man without provocation, screaming, “He voted for Trump!” They are the same folks who find it funny when late-night television personalities ridicule the president for the color of his skin despite their own PC attitude when it comes to cracking jokes pertaining to race.

The double standard is mind-boggling, to say the least. You’ve got bleeding heart libs who lament every time the president says an unkind word about an adversary and, yet, they yuck it up when TV funnymen mock the leader of the free world for his male-pattern baldness. It’s enough to make one wonder whether bipolar disorder isn’t a prerequisite to being a registered Democrat.

Political posturing aside, the Trump cornstarch attack and the wave of malicious comments made in its aftermath underscore the very real need for privacy in America. We already know that we are facing cyber attacks from countries like Russia and North Korea, but the real threat may come from within.

Cyberbullying and ransomware attacks are more and more commonplace in the US. Hackers do not discriminate when it comes to who they target. Today, an attacker could try to hijack Donald Trump, Jr.’s work computer and tomorrow that same attacker could go after Joe Blow Nobody.

The fact that Trump, Jr.’s mailing address was able to be obtained by some demented freak with an axe to grind shows just how vulnerable we are as a nation. The same is true of our online activity; Americans have a right to privacy and this means taking a page from the president who uses VPNs (virtual private networks) to maintain anonymity and get around global censorship.

VPNs protect against malware, ad bombs, DNS leaks and metadata collection. The very best of them have firm “no logs” policies that ensure users do not have their personal information tracked, collected or shared. In this way, Americans can live their lives without people monitoring or targeting them.

The liberals may not like it, but liberty is not their personal domain, it belongs to us all. Privacy and security are not matters of partisanship, but they are matters of importance to everyone who calls the US home.

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