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Big Three Networks Ignore Obama’s Role In Hillary E-mail Probe

Nancy Pelosi stood for illegal immigrants for 8 hours, but could not stand for 1 minute for Trump’s achievements for the American people or stand for  10 seconds for victims of ms-13 or a Korean orphan or an officer who performed CPR for hours at the State of the Union. – The Columbia Bugle

ABC, NBC and CBS all ignored a bombshell report released overnight by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which revealed more critical evidence concerning how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe. The Committee also released more damning text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page which showed an intention by the agents to find evidence to impeach President Trump as well as the news that President Obama wanted to be involved in the Clinton e-mail investigation.

Yet none of the networks covered the shocking new report or texts February 7, only Fox News reported on its contents which shows their bias.

According to Fox, Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016, about prepping then-FBI Director James Comey for a meeting with President Obama about their investigation into the Clinton e-mails.

The committee is looking into 50,000 texts Page and Strzok sent each other. You have to wonder when did they find time to do any work as it has been estimated they sent messages to each other every four minutes.

The previous texts mention having a meeting about preparing talking points for Comey to give to Obama. The text in question simply states that they are having the meeting “because potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”

The text message about Obama’s desire “to know everything we’re doing” meant that Obama wanted “to know what they’re doing to try to stop Trump,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said . “Because that’s clearly from all the other text messages, that’s what they were working on, that’s what they cared about,” Gohmert said. “Gohmert added that it is “extraordinary” that the FBI and the Department of Justice “covered for Hillary Clinton” during her 2016 presidential election campaign against President Donald Trump.

This text clearly suggests that Obama was involved in some form into the FBI email probe, which is shocking news, if true. Especially considering how President Obama has adamantly denied ever being involved in FBI investigations, and specifically the Clinton probe, multiple times, calling it a “sensational” claim in a press conference:

But that’s not all. Several texts between the pair suggest they were using their positions at the FBI to find a way to impeach Trump.

A text exchange on August 15, 2016, talked about having an “insurance policy” in place in case Trump was elected. The pair gushed on election day that it was “F***ing terrifying” and “depressing” that Trump won the election. Just a week later, Page wrote, “I bought all the president’s men [sic]. Figure I need to brush up on watergate [sic].”

The next day, she again wrote to Strzok, “God, being here makes me angry. Lots of high fallutin’ national security talk. Meanwhile, we have OUR task ahead of us.”

The Senate report also found texts talking about the “risk” of a Trump presidency, “unfinished business,” and “an investigation leading to impeachment.”

Perhaps less surprising, the report also revealed more hateful text messages between the agents about conservative voters.

Texts from Strzok to Page talk about being able to “smell Trump voters” in a Southern Virginia Walmart, and in one on November 4, 2015, Strzok called Virginians “ignorant hillbillies” for rejecting Democrat Jill McCabe for state office, (the same McCabe who is wife to the former acting director for the FBI, Andrew McCabe.)

Strzok’s and Page’s texts also show the pair believed Comey to be a “brilliant” speaker while calling Congress “utterly worthless.”


If all of that wasn’t enough, the accompanying Senate report also found that the FBI sat on information regarding the Clinton e-mails. One text from Strzok in September of 2016 mentions the FBI having access to thousands of e-mails from Huma Abedin, found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, a full month before Director Comey announced he wanted to re-open the Clinton e-mail investigation. All Three Nets Ignore New FBI Texts, Senate Report Showing Obama Involvement in Clinton Email Probe

The networks will ignore everything negative on their chosen one Obama just as they do with Hillary. Facts haven’t mattered to them for a long time as they have become talking puppets for the DNC. Then they pretend how important and factual they are.


Notice that all the networks care about is that the Mueller probe continues. The Mueller/Russian collusion probe began as a result of pure fraud and no matter how much this is exposed the probe continues.

The corrupt media has two assignments……protect Obama at all costs and keep the Mueller probe going, through the midterms.

Comey had already decided to exonerate Hillary before they interviewed her. Strzok was the one who sat down with Comey and rewrote the report taking out the terms ‘gross negligence’ and replacing it with ‘extremely careless’  two weeks before they interviewed her.

Joe DeGenova, Legal Attorney from Washington D.C, appeared with Sean Hannity and explained that he feels criminal charges are going to come as a result of these text messages, “Several high FBI officials will be charged as well as some DOJ officials will be charged criminally, “DeGenova said, “People high up decided they were going to change the wording f some interviews and exonerate Hillary and frame Donald Trump. The New York Times, Washington Post and others are missing out on one of the great corruption stories of our time involving senior officials in the FBI and it is a national disgrace.

four crimainals

The sad part is they will all probably ‘skate’ too. The GOP has a long history of NOT prosecuting Democrats for all their crimes, their treasons, their abuses of power and their flat out criminality. They let them get away with anything. So it’s small wonder they think they CAN get away with anything.

Meanwhile on the positive side the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, dropping to its lowest level in nearly 45 years as the labor market tightened further, bolstering expectations of faster wage growth this year.

“Economy is strong, unemployment lowest in half a century, ISIS virtually destroyed, illegal immigration being contained, jobs and manufacturing returning to highest levels in eight years, criminals from Clinton/Obama era being identified. Life is good,” Trump tweeted.








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