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Watch: Liberal TV Host Gets Stumped By Anti-PC Professor



by Rob Shimshock

A professor left a left-wing TV host speechless Tuesday after the host asked him why his right to free speech should take priority over transgender individuals’ right not to be offended.

Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman posed a question to University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson, reported The Spectator.

“Why should your right to freedom of speech trump a trans person’s right not to be offended?” asked Newman.

“Because in order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive,” Peterson said. “I mean, look at the conversation we’re having right now. You’re certainly willing to risk offending me in the pursuit of truth. Why should you have the right to do that? It’s been rather uncomfortable.”

“And that’s fine. More power to you, as far as I’m concerned,” he added.


Peterson also addressed what he perceived as a trend of some women settling for men who are weaker and less competent after suffering at the hands of stronger partners in previous relationships. The professor and the TV host clashed on the wage gap, with Peterson asserting that a variety of factors, such as the tendency for women to be more agreeable than men, creates the discrepancy in earnings.

When discussing equality, Peterson emphasized his dislike for equality of outcome, citing “ineradicable differences [between men and women]. You can eradicate them with tremendous social pressure and tyranny, but if you leave men and women to make their own choices, you will not get equal outcome.”

The professor explained that when counseling women who wanted to get ahead vocationally, he teaches them how to negotiate better. Peterson asserted the market determined attributes critical for success and Newman fired back saying: “the market is dominated by men.”

“No, it’s not,” said Peterson. “The market is dominated by women. They make 80 percent of the consumer decisions.”

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