The Trump Presidency Is Proof That There Is A God In Heaven

One hesitates to make too fine or too religious a point of it, but at just the time that our nation was about to finally be “fundamentally transformed”, as Obama liked to frame it, Donald Trump was miraculously elected President and reversed the anti-American policies of Barack Obama. There can be no doubt or discussion that Hillary would have taken our nation down a very dark hole that it would have never been able to back out of.

Some examples of the evidence of heaven working for America:

Trump beat the Clinton machine, the Washington establishment and the radical press when he won the 2016 election.

By being elected President, Trump has been able to demonstrate the corruption of the spying, wire-tapping Obama administration, the corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, the misuse of the FISA court by the Obama administration, and the lying, abominable leftist press, all of whom were plotting to keep Trump out of office and to get Hillary into office.

Trump took over a weak economy and made it great again, and took a stock market that was in a bubble created by Obama’s scheme to artificially stimulate the economy by using newly printed money and artificially low interest rates to make it look good, and made it sky rocket with real, positive economic growth.

He passed a tax bill that will improve the lives of all American citizens and makes corporations more competitive with foreign companies.

He has cowed an anti-Trump press by staying in their faces and making them admit that many stories they told about him were not true.

He immediately moved to defeat ISIS by removing Obama’s idiotic rules of engagement, and is killing the bastards instead of merely containing them, as the fool Obama did.

He was able to reassure Israel that America is on their side once more, after the anti-Israel Obama administration.

He got America out of the international lie of warming/change.

He stood up to North Korea and is not allowing them to dictate terms to us any more.

His Department of Justice is going to make sanctuary cities and states obey federal law, or else.

He’s seriously pushing for a wall to protect our southern border.

One doesn’t have to be religious to believe that America has been saved from certain destruction at the hands of liberal politicians, but it’s a cinch that someone or something saved us from a Hillary presidency, and that something deserves our eternal thanks.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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