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NBC to Politicize Super Bowl by Televising National Anthem Protests

Pity poor Roger Goodell, he has received a crash course in racial grievance politics and the liberal media’s exploitation of the divisive national anthem protests.

After failing to act early by hitting Colin Kaepernick with a suspension for his kneeling in 2015 to nip the problem in the bud, the $40 million a year commissioner tried to buy off black protesters with an $89 million bribe to a number of organizations to use in social justice warrior training.

What the league and Goodell have failed to understand is that the protests are less about any of the actual grievances of the messianic Kaepernick but have now morphed into racially charged political statements against President Trump.

Now, just as the league hopes that the playoffs will be able to wash the bad taste out of the mouths of fans over the disrespect to the flag and military, an agenda with an open animosity towards Trump is all but guaranteeing that the kneelers will be able to give the POTUS the finger on the biggest stage of all.

The Super Bowl!

Only days after having to delete a tweet where the network endorsed Oprah Winfrey for president after her star turn at the NBC-televised Golden Globes, the honchos have announced that they won’t be turning the cameras off of any of the oppressed multimillionaires who choose to take a knee during the anthem in Minneapolis next month.

Via Reuters/The New York Post “What NBC plans to do about potential Super Bowl protests”:

U.S. television network NBC, broadcaster of this year’s Super Bowl, will show any players who kneel during the pre-game national anthem to protest racial inequality, the game’s executive producer said on Tuesday.

Several dozen National Football League players kneeled, sat or locked arms during “The Star-Spangled Banner” in the regular season, drawing rebukes from President Donald Trump who called it unpatriotic. Game broadcasters showed the protests during the initial weeks but reduced coverage of them later.

The anthem is typically shown live before the Super Bowl and this year will be performed by pop singer Pink at the Feb. 4 championship.

If any players decide to kneel at the Super Bowl, NBC will cover it, executive producer Fred Gaudelli said at a Television Critics Association event in Pasadena, California.

“When you are covering a live event, you are covering what’s happening,” Gaudelli said. “If there are players who choose to kneel, they will be shown live.”

Announcers likely will identify the players, explain the reasons behind the actions, “and then get on with the game,” Gaudelli said.

So, there you have it! The Super Bowl will be politicized this year like never before.

For any of those who may have been thinking of ending their NFL boycotts for the playoffs, a big hat tip should go out to NBC for an advance warning so those folks don’t waste their time.

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  1. Frankly I think this is a good thing. The NFL was thinking this citizen protest movement would blow over. This will re ignite citizen outrage….just when purchase of new season tickets is being considered by the leagues remaining fans.

  2. A bunch of NOTHING, overpaid entertainers – who PLAY for a living – faux heroes offered by the Socialist Left as distractions and alternative to REAL human achievement; all in the name of socialism. I’m not talking of those who stand at attention or sing Our Anthem – who humbly understand the enormous blessing they enjoy. I’m talking about the Traitors. Nevertheless I’d like to see what every one of you would do on a REAL battle field where actual liberty is at stake – where blood is drawn and the stench of torn bodies filled the air! How many of you would turn out to be whimpering PUSSIES!?!?

    Heroes my ASS!

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