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The Media’s Drug Addiction To Trump


Ever since Trump was elected, the media latched onto him like a drug addict in need of a fix. They can’t stop talking about him day in and day out.  They are addicted to hating Trump like they are on crack cocaine. Just one tweet sends them into orbit and all the stations try to top each other over his tweets. If there is not one tweet they have to find something to criticize him about to satisfy their addiction. On one hand, they should be thankful he’s in office. Look at all the attention and ratings they are getting. Some reporters have complained that it is too much and they can’t keep up with it all. With Hillary, it would be one orgasm after another like with Obama and Chris Mathews would be having tingles up and down both his legs and all her crimes would be covered up, but with Trump, they are so obsessed with tearing him down they don’t report any of the many positive things he is accomplishing.

Every day it’s a relentless attack after attack in almost every leading media source on TV, internet and social media.  They can’t get enough of it. They attack his beautiful wife, his daughter Ivanka and his son Barron. Just imagine grown people attacking women and children.  How low is that? They attack the ones they are supposed to protect. They never will report any of the good things he’s doing like bringing companies back here that will increase jobs galore and bring in trillions of dollars. They won’t report how it is the lowest unemployment in17 years, they won’t report how he has created two million new jobs or how lowering taxes will help everybody or any of the other 120 accomplishments he’s had. They won’t tell you that the stock market has been breaking records daily all because of Trump. They just report anything negative most of which is made up like this Russian collusion fiasco.


They would rather see Trump kneel down and kiss Kim Jung Un’s ring rather than stand up to him like he’s doing. If he did that they would probably give him the Nobel prize but instead they criticize him because he stands up to a petty murdering dictator or maybe they wouldn’t give him the prize since no matter what he does they have to criticize him. It’s their addiction. They would also like to see him kiss up to the Iranian mullahs and give them another 120 billion dollars like Obama did, but they criticize him here too all because he stands up to them.

The latest now is the media’s obsession with the feud between Steve Bannon and Trump. They used to call Bannon crazy and a wild man. Now they hail him as a hero because of some things he “allegedly” said about Trump in a new book coming out. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the information in the book is all trash and lies and the author has been known before to misquote at least 13 people who have complained about him, but the media doesn’t care as long as it attacks Trump. The truth be damned. It’s all psychological obsessive hatred for Trump. Drug addicts go to rehabs and  have good days and get better, the media doesn’t have any good days and doesn’t get better

Consequently, people are getting fed up with these attacks and stations ratings are dropping, especially CNN’s ratings lower than MSNBC which is also a major Trump basher. Tweet

CNN had a really bad 2017. They are constantly at the bottom of the list on the nightly ratings as opposed to other cable news networks, but these new numbers have made us realize that it’s even worse than we thought.

According to The  Wrap, CNN’s ratings dropped 15% in 2017!!! Furthermore, Fox News was the #1 most-watched cable channel in America!!!

As one commenter said online recently:  “The American people have just totally given up on CNN ever telling the truth. Their Socialist Democrat views that they have tried to shove’ down everyone’s throat won’t work anymore. They talk to the viewer with such easy to read Slant’ that no one likes. Not to mention that Wolf Blitzer is so Over the Hill he turns off the 25-to-40-year-old viewer. Anderson Cooper comes off as being a know-it-all and never open to anyone else’s viewpoint.”

And so it goes.


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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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