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Mad Hatter Frederica Wilson Snubs SOTU Because Trump Hates Black People

The crybabies of the Congressional Black Caucus are unable to accept the fact that the Constitution was the only thing that stood between America and another term for Barack Obama and they are going all stompy feet over the State of the Union Address.

The ranks of those who will not be attending President Trump’s SOTU on Tuesday have now swollen to include the garish freak congresswoman from Florida’s 24th Congressional District, Rep. Frederica Wilson aka the Mad Hatter.

Despite her fondness for colorful “LOOK AT ME!” cowboy hats, Congresswoman Wilson was relatively unknown to the majority of Americans until she erupted on the scene last fall over the ginned-up controversy about Trump’s wall to a grieving widow of a Green Beret who was killed in action.

The “empty barrel” quickly became a Democrat “rock star” after fighting with Trump and accusing White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly of being a liar and a white supremacist.

Wacky Wilson will not be in attendance tomorrow because – get this – Trump hates black people.

Via CNN the Shithole Network “Rep. Frederica Wilson won’t attend Trump’s State of the Union address”:

US Rep. Frederica Wilson explained Monday morning why the latest development in her longstanding feud with President Donald Trump will be a refusal to attend his State of the Union address Tuesday.

When asked by CNN’s Poppy Harlow why she won’t attend, the Florida Democrat responded, “to go would be to honor the President and I don’t think he deserves to be honored at this time, after being so hateful towards black people and then black countries, Haiti and the whole continent of Africa.”

Wilson was referring to Trump’s recent comments in which he reputedly decried people coming to the US from “shithole countries.”

She continued, “It hurts and he has brought the White House to the lowest and I don’t think he needs to be honored with my presence.”

Her twin sister Maxine Waters won’t be going either.

Instead, she will be spewing conspiracy theories and racial demagoguery in a SOTU rebuttal on Black Entertainment Television.

The Democrats will never admit it but they are a zombie party that is dominated by whack-jobs like Wilson, Waters, the CBC, Crazy Bernie and the California Crank Caucus. They have been so devoured by their hatred for Trump and lingering bitterness over Hillary’s election loss that it’s hard to see them ever being a functional political entity ever again.

The only way out for the Democrats would be if some rational people trapped within this ongoing freak show were to burn it to the ground, sow the earth with salt and start from scratch because that is what it is going to take to rid itself of the likes of Rep. Frederica Wilson and her ilk.

Message to Congresswoman Wilson: the real racist is that ugly mug that you see in the mirror every morning.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. Does this ignorant woman honestly believe that her presence is an ‘honor’ anything or anyone? The President, as the chosen messenger that will be giving an annual report to his employers of last year’s work and a list of goals for this next year/

    She apparently is blind to the fact that her behavior DISHONORS those that elected her,

    Her penchant for ‘flash and dash’ is an obvious attempt to cover her own insecurities and a cry for help. It’s a shame that she and others of like mind are so willing to wrap themselves in the chains of the slavery so many fought to remove. Their obsession for power and recognition has blinded and bound them to the highest bidder.

      1. You’re right, Margery. But remember that before you can love and respect others, you must first love and respect yourself….And as pitiful as it is, she hasn’t learned that/

        It’s a great deal easier to direct hate towards others than to admit to admit our own shot comings. Can’t you just imagine how miserable it must be to stay so angry and spiteful all of the time? It total;y crowds out the ability to be happy.

        While we must stay “on guard” and alert to the danger these types pose, we should also pray for them, yes, pray that they recover from this horrid state of mind that does not allow them to think for themselves and learn to at least like what makes them them.

        “Another racist’
        membver of the “Deplorable Basket Society

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