Crooked Hillary Lost The Election Bigger Than We Thought

The Russian “dossier” now apparently proves that the Trump presidential campaign was being spied on by Hillary’s campaign in union with the FBI and using the FISA Court to make it happen, the fact that Hillary knew what Trump was planning and saying in private as his campaign staff devised plans to gain the White House, then her defeat was more profound than anyone previously even imagined or hinted at.

Not only did she lose the election on the face of it (she had no energy; she had nothing to offer but worn-out, boiler-plate Democrat talking points; she didn’t even bother to visit and campaign in some key states; she had already been over-shadowed by the Bernie Sanders campaign in the rigged primary) but she also lost even with the crooked benefit of the DNC’s under-handed espionage and cheating, which is typical of lying Democrats, in addition to running a bad campaign.

The more that is uncovered about the Hillary investigation, and about her campaign and its collusion with members of the FBI and the intelligence community, one begins to realize what a miracle and a national blessing her defeat was, and we should all be thankful that her miraculous defeat generated the equal miracle that put Donald Trump in the White House, which led to the exposure of all of the corruption and crap we’re now learning about her campaign and the Obama administration, and the corrupt FBI that favored Hillary’s election and sought to assure Trump’s defeat.

If Hillary had won the 2016 election we would have a true criminal-traitor in the Oval Office, and her corruption would only spread and become more corrosive as she made corrupt policy and undermined our constitution in favor of anyone and any nation who would donate to the Clinton Global Initiative fund. America needs to give thanks for this blessing we have been granted, and take steps to keep all such corrupt candidates out of all public offices in the future.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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