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We Live In Dangerous Societal Times

A year ago Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer were highly respected members of the liberal leftist community. Today, these men, and many others of the liberal persuasion, are out of work and shamed by their actions. And don’t forget our beloved Bill Clinton, who knows no shame, but is now taking hits for his 20-year-ago blue dress incident.

A society that makes 180-degree swings in its reactions to bad actors on the spur of the moment is dangerous. Last year executives in positions of power over today’s culprits refused to react appropriately when the unwanted acts were presented to them, but today even possibly untrue charges are quickly responded to with a quick firing for those employed by private companies, and at least demands for their removal from office are made if they’re politicians.

This banana republic-like trend, based on shifting political winds and a reluctance to punish like-minded comrades, is no good. A society that doesn’t punish criminals and lesser misbehavior in a timely manner, whether because of personal friendships, political associations, racial considerations or business acquaintances, is undermining its foundation. Examples of the above are:

  • The Kate Steinle verdict that slapped her murderer on the wrist for his multiple crimes
  • The lack of prosecution in the Obama administration for Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch during the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server. James Comey’s lengthy list of laws violated by Hillary Clinton that did not get prosecuted
  • The NBC executives who would not discipline Matt Lauer for his actions
  • The refusal of a New York publisher to publish information related to the Harvey Weinstein situation, in spite of the fact that the accuser in Harvey’s case had recordings of the unwanted attacks

All of these delays of punishment and attention by people who have the power to stop them, but don’t stop them, are a threat to our nation and the trust of American citizens.

Were liberal bad boys protected a year ago because they were liberals, and not protected today because of the honesty and openness inspired by the Trump administration? Have liberals seen the error of their years-ago protection of bad men but now want them punished? Are leftist feminists now in opposition to their creation of people like Bill Clinton of 20 years ago, and do they now really believe he should have been punished then, and that bad acting on the part of other liberal men should also be punished in a timely manner? And why the delay in going after men like Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein, who liberals knew were guilty at the time but did nothing to stop them?

The Trump administration has set the the liberal establishment on its ear which is causing the Washington swamp to collapse in a downward spiral. As proof of this statement, just look at what they are doing to their own, at-one-time protected, celebrities.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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