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Liberal Self-Identity Is Cool. It Works.

On November 29th I posted an article titled “Senator Elizabeth Warren, Squaw Of High Cheeks, Is The Racist, Not Trump” in order to have a little fun with our Pocahontas impersonator in the United States Senate. A lady named Elsie responded to my article stating that she considered my word “squaw”, used to address Elizabeth Warren, as being racist (what else would a good liberal claim, other than racism?).

Being a concerned person myself and not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, I decided to use the liberal tactic of self-identity to get to the bottom of this serious matter, and after a fashion I became convinced that I was, indeed, a female Indian squaw of the Cherokee tribe, just like Senator Pocahontas, and I applied the title of “squaw” to myself, and was relieved to find that I was not insulted or offended in any way with being called a “squaw”.

I was very happy I tried the liberal self-identity trick, and now I can state for a certainty that the word “squaw” is not offensive, insulting or racist, thanks to the LGBTQHUA trick of self-identity.

Attention liberals: what goes around, comes around. I’ve learned that being a liberal is really cool because you can always fool yourself into believing that all the crap you spread is true. Being a liberal Democrat is really, really cool.

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