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A Danger to Democracy


Those who cannot accept the results of an election are a danger to democracy – Hilary Clinton.

Yes, she actually said that, yet she continues on her book tour seemingly unable to accept the fact that she lost hiding behind this façade of blaming everyone and everything but herself. At least 50 things in her book are blamed. Everything, but her.

Actress Susan Sarandon recently said Hillary was more dangerous than Trump saying Hilary signed off on the Iraq war and would get us into another one sooner than Trump would and consequently was hit with a barrage of hate mail and death threats. Susan originally supported Jill Stein but switched to Bernie Sanders.


On Thursday night, a little more than a year after her shocking loss to President Donald Trump, Secretary Clinton returned to Philly for a promotional event at the Academy of Music for her campaign memoir, What Happened.  Clinton was interviewed on-stage by Philly native and best-selling author Jennifer Weiner.

When it came to the forces that she felt contributed to the election result in 2016, Clinton checked off everything from Russian interference to the James Comey letter to an unfair news media to voter suppression efforts. (She didn’t take a lot of the blame herself Thursday, although she admitted she certainly does do so in the book.)

“We got a great vote in Philadelphia,” Clinton said, noting that she had also performed well in Pittsburgh as well as other traditionally Democratic parts of the state. But, she said, her 28-point lead in the Philadelphia suburbs whittled down to the final margin of 13 following the Comey letter, leading to her defeat in the Pennsylvania, and ultimately, the election.

“The only way we will get sexism out of politics is to get more women in politics,” she said, adding that she has encouraged many young women to get involved with politics, sometimes by running for office themselves. Clinton also declared that “I resign from being Fox News’ president,” noting the absurdity of personalities on the news network continuing to rail against her for hours each day, even with the election long over and someone else in the White House.

Now a very good friend of mine and I watch FOX News constantly and closely monitor them and we haven’t seen any mention of her since the election other than her book tour and that was only at the beginning of her tour when all these absurd blame accusations  were found and now with the Uranium One scandal which is her fault that she’s in the news so where does she come off saying the personalities there are continuing to rail against her? Since then there hasn’t been any mention of her other than with the Uranium scandal. I think she secretly enjoys it and misses it when they don’t talk about her good or bad so this is how she brings it up again.

While there were no protesters visible outside the venue, a heckler rose in his upper-deck seat near the end of the event and shouted “Pizzagate is real!,” in reference to the long-ago-debunked conspiracy theory about Clinton and other Democratic leaders supposedly running a child sex ring out of a Washington pizzeria.

The man, who was escorted out of the auditorium and later seen talking with Secret Service agents, was recognized by a PhillyVoice photographer as Howard Caplan, a local man known for holding “Hillary for Prison” and “Pizzagate is Real” signs on Roosevelt Boulevard and at local political events.

Clinton responded to the interruption with a righteous rant against the Pizzagate theory – “This is how deep the rot goes” – which noted that a man had opened fire in the pizzeria while trying to rescue “children” supposedly hidden in the restaurant’s allegedly nonexistent basement.

At one point early in the evening, Clinton launched into an extended coughing fit, the kind of thing that tended to lead to theories during the campaign that the candidate was concealing some sort of illness.


I think she does have something wrong with her as there were too many of these coughing fits and seizures during the campaign they tried to cover up and here it is occurring again. A major theory circulating at the time was that she had Parkinson’s disease.

Weiner attempted to fill the time by making a self-deprecating joke about her own last name, but knowing that Clinton’s history with a man of that particular surname is what led to the notorious Comey Letter, she may not have found it so funny.

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