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Watch: Roy Moore lawyer raises questions over yearbook used in sexual assault allegation

Embattled U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore’s lawyer has called a press conference after the newest allegation of sexual assault were levied at the candidate.

Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead introduced Roy Moore’s lawyer Philip Jauregui who outlined some questions about the yearbook Beverly Nelson and Gloria Allred publicised during a press conference Monday.

Jauregui asked Gloria Allred to release the yearbook to a neutral party so that a handwriting expert could examine what the campaign says is not Moore’s handwriting.

The attorney also pointed out that in 1999, then-Judge Moore presided over divorce proceedings for Beverly Nelson, which directly contradicts Nelson’s assertion that she had no contact with Moore after he allegedly attempted to rape her in 1977.

There was also new information presented that Moore never signed anything with D.A. after his name as it appears in the yearbook. The only time those initials appear behind his name is when his then assistant Debrah Adams stamped his signature on court documents – she followed it with her initials – D.A.

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  1. All these allegations, which seem to be daily reinforced by 40 year old memories, are designed to keep this issue before the people of Alabama. It seems to me to be a new tactic by those who oppose conservatives to wear the voters down until they chose not to vote at all, or vote for the candidate who opposes the conservative. Look at Virginia’s last election for example; Gillespie was defeated by an avowed pro-abort in what was formerly a religiously conservative state. Why? This scorched-earth policy of the liberal democrats is dividing country and will destroy the electoral process in the end.

    Oh, by the way, did liberals raise an objection when Alcee Hastings ran for office after having been impeached as a District Attorney? Fucking hypocrites!

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