The Foundation Of Liberal Thinking Is Built On Racist Sand

Simply stated, liberals, who are mostly white and largely upper-middle-class or wealthy, really believe that blacks and other dark-skinned people are inferior to whites and therefore need a hand up in order to live comfortable lives. This thinking is racist and will never be admitted to by liberals, but it’s true and it’s behind the racist treatment of blacks, resulting from liberal legislation and government action the last 50 years, and it’s why there is so much poverty and welfare existing in minority neighborhoods: because liberal won’t leave dark-skinned people alone to advance themselves because liberals believe that they can’t advance themselves and on their own merit.

Related to the misguided racist policies of liberals is the magic that explains the liberty and prosperity of America which liberals declare is ill-gotten and hasn’t been legitimately earned by Americans:

1) The founders of America created the Constitution that gave citizens rights and restricted what the government can do.

2) Our Constitution allowed capitalism to expand with limited government tampering and destruction and permitted the nation and it’s citizens to flourish and prosper.

The fact that America’s founders were white Europeans is purely chance. Similarly persuaded brown and black people could also have taken the side of regular citizens and protected them from domination by the government, which is the beauty of our Constitution, but no one, whether they were black, white or green, had ever, throughout history, generated a document like our Constitution, which enumerates the few things government can do, and leaves all other pursuits to the free citizenry.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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