Tennessee Titans Player Threatens to Quit NFL If He Can’t Protest National Anthem

Tempers continue to flare over the NFL’s hot mess of the national anthem protests that have already turned off millions of loyal fans who are disgusted by the spectacle of haughty millionaire black jocks disrespecting the flag.

Just when it appeared like Commissioner Roger Goodell was finally going to exert his authority to end the divisive displays on the sidelines, he was bullied by activists and the NFLPA into backing down on a statement that indicated that standing would be mandatory during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

It seems that the race-obsessed malcontents who have poisoned the league with their worship of Colin Kaepernick and hatred of President Trump aren’t taking kindly to the idea that they would be made to stand.

One of the privileged crybabies, however, is taking it a step further than simply bitching, Tennessee Titans receiver Rishard Matthews announced that he would flat out quit playing football if he can’t continue to engage in his childish protests.

According to ESPN “Rishard Matthews ‘done playing football’ if forced to stand for national anthem”:

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews appears to be absolute in his decision to stay inside during the national anthem, saying he is willing to give up his profession rather than being forced to change his protest over social issues.

On Thursday afternoon, Matthews was asked by Matt Parker, a local Nashville producer, via Twitter if he would continue to remain in the locker room during the anthem if the NFL created a rule requiring players to stand or face a penalty.

“No, I will be done playing football,” Matthews responded.

Matthews, who hit the field for the Titans’ Thursday afternoon practice, quickly deleted the tweet. He was not available for reporters during locker room availability Thursday.

Matthews, whose father served 23 years in the Marines and whose brother, another Marine, died in Afghanistan two years ago, has been vocal in his stance against racial injustice and police brutality. His protest was launched shortly after President Donald Trump’s attacks toward NFL players who choose to protest. Matthews previously refrained from protesting in respect of his brother, but after Trump’s comments, he said his brother would understand his intentions going forward.

The player’s Wikipedia page lends a bit of insight as to why he may feel so strongly:

Rishard originally signed a letter of intent committing to the University of Oregon. Matthews attended Bakersfield College before transferring to the University of Nevada, Reno. In his two years catching passes from Colin Kaepernick at Nevada he had 147 receptions for 2,243 yards and 13 touchdowns.

His loyalty is to the cult of personality.

Matthews is currently the Titans leading receiver with 20 catches and 262 yards, hardly Pro Bowl caliber stats and if he goes through with his empty threat and decides that taking a knee or flashing a Black Panther fist during the anthem is more important than the millions of dollars that he rakes in despite contributing little to the team, the Titans should advise him to not let the door hit

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