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Obamas and Clintons Fail During Weinsteingate

Barack Obama finally finds Harvey Weinstein’s sexual predation on women to be deplorable, huh? Why didn’t they feel that way during the years when he was working his way through young, aspiring starlets? It now appears that everyone on both coasts knew of his mistreatment of women. The Academy Awards speakers made direct references to his actions as did many 30 Rock programs. Mostly the references were in the form of jokes at Harvey’s expense, but they were well-informed references nevertheless. And then there’s the New York Times that spiked an article about our Harvey 13 years ago.

So with all of this knowledge from both liberal coasts of America, the Clintons and the Obamas can’t pretend to have not known about Harvey and his proclivities, and especially with Bubba-Bill having the same leanings, they just covered it up for the sake of convenience and liberal double standards, while lately taking jabs at Donald Trump for much tamer verbal wanderings. One gets a feeling of being intentionally lied to with the false reports of campus rapes at the University of Virginia and at Durham University, all of which alleged crimes were dumped on the evil male students there, and all were finally admitted to be lies, when real rapes were being committed by one of the leading liberal big-money guys in the nation, and was being covered up by our liberal press.

So why did it take the Obamas so long to register their anger at Weinstein when they knew all along that he was doing these deeds? And when they finally got around to registering their displeasure with Harvey, they couched their words so that all men are blamed for Harvey’s actions, and they said that all men must stop doing these things. Barack can speak for himself, but ninety-nine percent of American men have never done anything equal to Weinstein. One suspects that Barack Obama feared having to give back some money donated to him and his causes by Weinstein, and he waited as long as possible to see if old Harvey could pull himself from the jaws of justice, but finally he had to face the jury.

But strangely, we’ve not heard from Bill Clinton about his outrage at Harvey, and even Hillary, who never wastes the opportunity to lambaste men in general for what she calls the mistreatment of women, was quite reserved in her abuse of Harvey and very vague about returning the money he had donated to her.

When one thinks back on Hillary’s checkered past, we are reminded that she has always surrounded herself with creeps and perverts such as the Weiner couple, her husband Bill and her longtime pal Harvey Weinstein. And what about the mysterious killing of Vince Foster at the beginning of the Clinton White House years? Include what we personally know of her as she evaded arrest for her email and document security crimes, which were carefully listed by James Comey on national TV, which charges were then disregarded by the Obama Department of Justice in order to make Hillary’s run for the White House simpler. These are all things from an Edgar Allen Poe fright story.

So from here on out, knowing what we know about Ted, JFK, Bill, Harvey and Anthony, all of which knowledge is contrary to the preaching and lecturing about predation that Hillary and her liberal pals spew constantly, we’ll keep an eye on the coming events and see how long they punish Harvey before they turn once again on Trump, because they hate Trump as much as they admire Harvey, and Bill, for their ability to evade justice for so long.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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