NFL Malcontent Marshawn Lynch Wears Anti-Trump Shirt to Game

One of the mouthiest of all of the NFL malcontents who have been protesting the national anthem in opposition of President Donald Trump removed all doubt as to what the last two weeks that have rocked the NFL are really about.

Marshawn Lynch showed up for Sunday’s game between his Oakland Raiders and division rival Denver Broncos wearing a shirt that read “EVERYBODY vs. TRUMP” that shows that the protests have moved beyond whatever it was that “race messiah” Colin Kaepernick was trying to express.

For those who are still tuning into the game may suspect that Raiders fans may already be having a bad case of buyer’s remorse with this guy who has been less a benefit on the field, than a distraction off of it.

Lynch was retired after having worn out his welcome with the Seattle Seahawks with his surly and often erratic behavior and many probably breathed a sigh of relief when they rid themselves of a cancer in the locker room. The geniuses who run the Raiders then lured him out of retirement thinking that he was the missing piece of the puzzle.

The man-child who goes by the nickname “Beast Mode” has been far but one during his short career in Oakland. He created a distraction by sitting on his overpaid, privileged ass during the national anthem BEFORE everything blew up after President Trump called out the protests and the NFL picked sides.

One wonders if he had any influence on his teammates when nearly all of them sat on their asses on the bench last Sunday night and then got those asses handed to them by the Washington Redskins.

There were murmurs that the black players threw the game to get back at white quarterback David Carr who was one of the few ones standing, it wouldn’t be surprising considering the toxic personality of Lynch.

He rumbled for all of 18 yards last week.

Yesterday, following his grand entry in the anti-Trump shirt, the gangsta in the huddle once again sat for the anthem although this time, a number of team personnel felt it necessary to provide cover for him so that he could hide.

Then the big man went out and laid it all on the line again with a miserable 12 yards during a 16-10 loss that one hated to see either team win after last week’s antics.

But despite the Raiders now riding a two-game losing streak and perhaps without their injured star QB, Lynch’s shirt was a big hit.

A company called – and I kid you not – DOPE ERA, is selling the “EVERYBODY vs. TRUMP” tees for a mere $45 plus shipping. Look for these to begin showing up in increasing numbers at an ANTIFA rally near you.

As for the NFL – keep those televisions OFF!

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Donn Marten

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