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NBC Doubles Down on Tillerson Quitting

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell doubled-down Thursday morning on the now questionable report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wanted to quit the Trump administration earlier this year.

“The president’s national security cabinet in turmoil today over our report of a toxic relationship between the White House and the secretary of state,” Andrea exclaimed. “Many sources in both camps say that this a relationship beyond repair.” She then went on to say that the only reason Trump hasn’t fired Tillerson is that the president has already lost too many people from top posts in his administration.


President Trump and Secretary Tillerson on Wednesday both refuted NBC’s story that Tillerson wanted to leave the administration in July but was talked out of it by Vice President Mike Pence.

Tillerson said Wednesday that Pence didn’t have to talk him out of quitting because “I’ve never considered leaving this post.” Pence backed-up the secretary’s story saying that he didn’t have to convince the secretary to stay.

Sec. Tillerson said that the story was based on “erroneous rumors” while Trump called it “fake news” and said that it was “all made up by NBC.”

Andrea now says anonymous “senior administration officials,” told her that it did happen but that instead of Mike Pence convincing him to stay on, it was Chief of Staff John Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

So, according to Andrea Mitchell, NBC got the story wrong where Pence was concerned but Americans should believe the rest of NBC’s poorly-sourced, and now changing, reporting on Tillerson.

Sure. And while they’re at it, they can revise that false “Putin does not deny having compromising information on Trump” story and Brian Williams’ fake accounts about coming under fire in Iraq. Go ahead and change the facts while citing anonymous sources NBC. Your audience just might buy it.

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