Bad Karma Strikes Players and Teams After Mass NFL Protests

While it’s hard to pick the biggest asshole from a cavalcade of spoiled, multimillionaire scumbags who wrecked the NFL with their stupid and petty anti-Trump protests but we just may have a winner.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the immature asshat who continues to let his antics and temper get the best of him engaged in a repugnant exhibition when he did an end zone celebration acting like a peeing dog two weeks ago in a game against Philadelphia.

The flamboyant and cocky Beckham boasted that it was all about Trump and received little discipline from the NFL except a $12,154 fine. That doesn’t translate to much on a $10,406,198 contract which that is expected to be chump change compared to the extension.

The minuscule fine was just another middle finger extended into in the face of fans but sometimes, things just happen to work out in the long run.

There was no barking like a dog for Beckham yesterday, only howling in pain and crying like a baby after he went down with a broken ankle that had his happy ass hauled off the field on a cart during the Giants 27-22 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

It really couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy and even better yet – the injury may negatively affect his contract renegotiation, it could be bad and Giants owners weren’t amused over the peeing dog stunt.

Beckham in happier times:

Things can change in a hurry bitch, NFL stands for Not For Long among other things.

Beckham is out for the season, giving him plenty of time to practice his scatological endzone protests.

OBJ is out for the year and several of the teams and individuals that acted out the most when they were given a free pass to spit on the flag by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are also dealing with their own negative karma.

Take for example the Oakland Raiders.

The badasses in silver and black who brought the cancerous Marshawn Lynch into their locker room not only nearly all sat on their asses in protest during the Sunday night game against the Washington Redskins, but it was rumored that several of the black players (especially on the offensive line) let Redskins defenders pound the crap out of quarterback David Carr who stood.

Carr – who is white – was repeatedly hammered in that game and it had a carryover to the next week when he suffered a back injury against the Denver Broncos.

The Raiders record since their big Sunday night snit? 0-3 and getting worse by the week.

One of those black offensive linemen who may or may not have conspired against Carr – Donald ‘pig’ Penn – got into a confrontation with fans in the parking lot after yesterday’s latest loss. A real stinker against the Baltimore Ravens in the Black Hole. (warning: profanity)

The Raiders were a preseason Super Bowl favorite, now they are reaping the rewards of their selfish priorities.

Or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You would think that a team with the tradition of the Steelers as well as a devoted fanbase would be above spitting on the flag. That wasn’t the case for the men in black and gold.

A horrific blunder during which the entire team hid in the locker room during the anthem in Chicago– with the exception of former Army Ranger and offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva who caused black coach Mike Tomlin a huge amount of embarrassment when he stood at the end of the tunnel and saluted the flag.

Tomlin and quarterback/former sex offender Ben Roethlisberger (and probably the NFL itself) put the squeeze on Villanueva to get him to knuckle under.

Unfortunately for Tomlin, some internet sleuths dug up information that he hosted a fundraiser at his home for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 – so much for not wanting to politicize football.

The Steelers choked away that game in overtime then managed to win the next week despite stories of friction between Big Ben and multimillionaire problem child Antonio Brown who is more into making racial political statements than winning rings.

The result?

In their first home game since the national anthem fiasco, Roethlisberger threw five interceptions against the freaking Jacksonville Jaguars while first-round runner Leonard Fournette ran over the Steelers like he was back at LSU and playing against the lower division cannon fodder typically brought in to be blood sacrifices on homecoming. The Steelers got their asses handed to them 30-9.

The Steelers aren’t looking good at this time and you know what, they deserve it. The burning of team merchandise will light up the banks of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers as temperatures sink along with the team’s playoff hopes.

Karma bitches!

Also, Kaepernick’s team the San Francisco 49ers are 0-5 and just pissed off Vice President Pence to the point where he stormed out of the game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The Dallas Cowboys made a big production of kneeling with owner Jerry Jones BEFORE the national anthem on Monday night football and have now lost two big games at home. Give Jones some credit, he nutted it up and just effectively banned protests.

These are but a few examples but the fallout will be massive by the time that the season is over. Not only for the clowns who decided that their anti-Trump racist protests were more important than doing what they were paid for, but also the league that enabled them.

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Donn Marten

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  1. The antics of the players in the NFL appear to be proof certain of early onset of a number of brain related damages. Any parent of would-be professional athlete is going to steer that child into baseball, any number of sports where there is both longevity and relative physical safety…at least to the brain.

    Of course, I have no logical explanation for sports “pundits” (what the basis for that label is, I will never understand. Like my weatherman, they are wrong over half the time but never seem to get fired. Of course that is a talent in itself) joining in the idiocy.

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