America’s Fascist, Dictatorial Left Is Moving In For The Kill

After the famous instances of small, local florists and cake bakers being taken to court and having their businesses ruined by the leftist press because they would not sell their services to homosexual clients for religious reasons, these same demanding, dictatorial liberals are now refusing service to religious conservatives based only on their religious and political stance.

On October 6th, The Washington Times reported that a gay coffee shop owner in Seattle had kicked a group of Christians out of his shop because he couldn’t tolerate their presence, although they were not pushing their agenda in his shop. Just their presence as Christians was enough to anger him.

And don’t expect CNN or MSNBC to expose this denial of service to Christians, and don’t expect to see a law suit result from this illegal act from the anti-diversity, intolerant left. Conservatives are used to this kind of treatment, and based on the fuming anger the Democrats exhibit under the presidency of Donald Trump, the fight from the left will continue for a long time.

So we cannot expect the intolerant, narrow-minded liberal press to get all incensed by this prejudice and demand that the coffee shop be boycotted and sued as the Indiana pizza shop was a few years ago, after the Indiana legislature passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Missing from this flurry of leftist activity is any opposition to real hateful discrimination on the part of Muslim intolerance and prejudice, but Christians are easy targets and attacking them gives liberals the outlet for their fury of having Donald Trump as the president. And hating Christians has the extra benefit of allowing Democrat critics of keep their heads attached to their bodies, which may be at risk if they oppose Muslim practices..

Gutless, intolerant, hateful liberals will never allow an opinion contrary to their narrow window of belief when they have control of the government, and that’s why they hate the idea of a constitutional protection for freedom of speech so much: nearly everyone not a liberal rejects their one-track belief system, so they want to crush any ideas or expressions not officially approved by the liberal Grand kleagle and keep the public quiet.

And now militant LGBT groups are also becoming active in the wake of the passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This intolerant group is now demanding that “churches who follow the Bible, be shut down by the government” according to an article by Top Right News. So we can see the future and what awaits freedom of religion from the LGBT Nazis the next time the Democrats get control of the White House and the federal legislature.

Abortion, religious intolerance and preserving the Constitution are why we must never allow a liberal to become president again, because we saw how loose Obama was with issuing damaging and unconstitutional executive orders, and we are seeing every day the societal destruction the left deals out with their radical agenda.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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