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It Seems Baker’s Have Rights Too

For those of you who remember the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, who refused to create a wedding cake for a gay couple in 2012 and was crucified for it, is back in the news, this time with some good news.

The Justice Department has sided with Jack Phillips the owner of the bake shop, filing a brief Thursday in the Supreme Court backing the baker. They said trying to force Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker, to make a cake for someone against his beliefs violates his conscience rights.

“Just as the government may not compel the dissemination of expression, it equally may not compel the creation of expression. Compelling a creative process is no less an intrusion and perhaps is a greater one on the ‘individual freedom of mind’ that the First Amendment protects,” the Justice Department’s brief says.

Mr. Phillips will have his day in the Supreme Court and it will be a positive out come for him I am sure. But in the mean time, Mr. Phillips says he has lost a chunk of his business revenue, received death threats and been subjected to vile online reviews.

“In all of this, the threats against me or disparaging comments, the worst part is that I have to answer the phone so they’re not threatening my wife or my daughter when they pick it up,” Mr. Phillips said. “They don’t wait to see who’s on the phone. You pick up the phone, they’re already talking.”

Here’s the point, Mr. Phillips never refused to make the cake, he just refused to decorate it with a homosexual couple on top. It seems to me that the homosexual couple could have bought the cake and put the decoration on themselves, or just went some where else and bought the cake.

With all the rights that America has to offer, I’m glad to see that baker’s have rights as well.

This is one man’s opinion.

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One Comment

  1. “.. It seems to me that the homosexual couple could have bought the cake and put the decoration on themselves…”
    Yes, if it was really about getting the cake they wanted, but it was never about getting a cake. It was always about forcing compliance.

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