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Passenger Dragged off Southwest Airlines Plane Over ‘Allergy’

A woman was physically removed from a Southwest Airlines flight Tuesday after she alerted the crew that she should not fly with animals due to a “life-threatening allergy.”

The Baltimore to Los Angeles flight had a service dog and a pet in the cabin and upon hearing of the passenger’s health issue, the crew explained to her that airline policy prohibits her from boarding the plane without a medical waiver.

“Our Flight Crew made repeated attempts to explain the situation to the Customer, however, she refused to deplane and law enforcement became involved,” Southwest Airlines said in its statement.

Cellphone video shows the passenger fighting back against law enforcement, even at one point trying to return to her seat despite the orders from the crew and the officers. She constantly resists the officers by pushing back against seat backs as they forcibly remove her from the aircraft.


At one point during the encounter, she exclaims, “I’m a professor, what are you doing?” as if teaching at a college or university allows her to skirt airline policy or law enforcement orders. She also said that her dad was having surgery the following day, which has not yet been confirmed.

Her original intent with the allergy issue was likely intended to get the service dog and pet removed from the aircraft, but it appears that the only thing removed from that plane was a snowflake.

The flight departed to Las Angeles after a slight delay – without her.

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  1. there are problems with law enforcement. they are compensated to serve and stand for the flag. no questions asked. they are not compensated to critically think about any issue,just enforce. people love dogs because they don’t talk back or challenge our critical thinking. they just obey.

    1. John, what a presumptuous ill informed observation. I question your knowledge of critical thinking. I suspect you are one of those sovereign citizens, barking out your preposterous ideologies without checking facts. Leftist pupper who mimics and repeats what he is told rather than thinking on his own.

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