New Pro-Hillary Website Compared to North Korean Propaganda

Last week, it was reported that lingering loser Hillary Clinton was endorsing a new online venture called Verrit that promotes itself as “media for the 65.8 million” or all of the people who cast their votes for Mrs. Clinton last year including the skewed popular vote total by an overwhelming win in the land of liberal lunacy called California.

Verrit is the brainchild of Clinton boot-licker Peter Daou who continues to lead the mindless and blinded by fury Hillary dead-enders who refuse to acknowledge that she lost the election and in their twisted interpretation of reality, think that she can still end up in the White House.

But Verrit is such an all-encompassing bullshit bubble that it is being widely mocked, in one case it is even being compared to the type of propaganda that you see in a regime run by a guy like Kim Jong-un, who Mrs. Clinton eerily seems to share the same wardrobe with.

Verrit is a perfect example of how everything that Hillary touches turns to shit.

Via Politico “This Pro-Hillary Website Looks Like North Korean Agitprop”:

Who would buy stock in a twice-defeated presidential candidate?

If the candidate under question is Hillary Clinton, that zealous buyer would be Peter Daou, one-time rocker, seasoned political blogger, former campaign adviser to John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, ambitious litigant, propagandist and internet entrepreneur. A couple of days ago, Daou launched his self-funded, a slavishly pro-Clinton site (endorsed by Hillary!) to carry on her failed crusade.


As Daou’s Verrit manifesto puts it, the site hopes to become the trusted source for the 65.8 million voters who cast their ballots last November for Clinton and who seek verified “facts” they can use to argue politics. In theory, everybody needs a cheat sheet. In practice, the Verrit method is cringe-worthy. The headline to one early Verrit borrows from the literary methods of Kim Jong Un’s North Korea to assert, “Hillary Democrats Are the Heart and Conscience of America.” Does anybody outside of the Daou re-education camp really think this way?

When it comes to criticism, Daou isn’t just a snowflake. He’s a snow squall, equating most criticism of Clinton (or criticism of Daou) with the desire to erase Clinton and Clintonites. Early this year, he telegraphed his irrational partisanship by tweeting that anybody tweeting “Bernie would have won” in his timeline would earn “an instant block” from his account. “Useless and baseless conjecture. Betrays someone unfocused on the challenge ahead,” Daou continued.

His is a reductionist world where evidence of misogyny and sexism can be deduced from almost any political discussion of Madame Secretary. When Verrit launched, it inspired not only a mudslide of negative reviews but an ugly denial-of-service attack on his servers. From this rocky reception, Daou didn’t extract the perennial lesson that politics ain’t beanbag. He didn’t cinch up and concede that political passions will cause folks to overheat. Instead, he flew to Twitter and raged in all caps, “PEOPLE ARE STILL TERRIFIED OF HILLARY. PEOPLE STILL WANT TO DESTROY HILLARY. PEOPLE WANT TO SILENCE ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS HER.”

When a normally Clinton friendly website like Politico is even piling on, this thing is pretty much dead on arrival, chalk up another dumpster fire to Mr. Daou who predictably headed to Twitter to throw his usual bitch fit.

There will always be those loyalists who insist on trotting out the pasty white political corpse as the solution for all of America’s problems and accuse any who pose questions as bigots and Nazis.

It very well could be that the wall-to-wall Hillary coverage over her tear-soaked tome What Happened? could backfire on the Hillary dead-enders and result in widespread scorn and mockery.

That would truly be a wonderful thing.

The Clinton cultists are like the Japanese soldiers who refused to stop fighting World War II after it was over and had to be burned out of their caves with flamethrowers.

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