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How Must Poor Barack Obama Feel Now?

One has to have compassion for our beleaguered and ill-treated former president Barack Obama for the way events have developed since he left the White House.

Under President Donald Trump, many things have improved greatly and in a relatively short period of time. Let’s review a few of the areas where Obama could have done good things, but because of his radical, ultra-leftist, anti-America beliefs, he instead did very bad things:

The economy has surged. Illegal immigration has dropped dramatically. Sanctuary cities are in trouble and could lose federal money if they continue to break the law. Police officers are no longer being assassinated on a nearly daily basis. The lying press is being challenged for the lies they tell by our new and energetic president.

North Korea has the inevitable nuclear weapons that Obama permitted them to develop, but President Trump is standing up to them in a manly, presidential manner. Iran is working to become the next nuclear threat, following in North Korea’s foot steps and with the billions of dollars, Obama gave them.

Obamacare’s failure and demise is now admitted by nearly all Democrats, and they are waiting for Trump to fix it and in doing so, save their butts for enacting it in the first place. The Paris Accords are history.

Progress is being made against ISIS now that the rules of engagement have been revised by Donald Trump to allow military personnel to be able to fight without having their hands tied behind their backs. Even Democrat, hack, talking heads like Nancy Pelosi are condemning the ultra left ANTIFA/ Occupy Wall Street groups for the violence and destruction they create and commit.

I have no doubt that our dearly departed Barry feels great about the diminished America he left behind. After all, he swore to “fundamentally transform America”, and he did exactly that. So what is there for him to regret? Not a whole lot.

Well, one area he would still love to be around for: the Houston hurricane destruction would be the perfect platform for him to strut around and pretend to show compassion and concern, and he would love to be in camera range so he could be photographed as he hugged and cried with the victims of the flooding and got the praise and admiration of the fawning press.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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