Liberal Egghead Calls for More Gender Fluid Books for Preschool Kids

Not only is the totalitarian left on the way to burning books as the cultural cleansing campaign moves beyond Confederate statues but is looking at filling schools with propaganda that indoctrinates young people into a world sexual deviance.

And it’s not just any young people that will be targeted with perverse propaganda, at least if a certain Rhode Island leftist college professor has any say in the matter and the younger the better.

Preschools will be provided with “gender fluid” teaching materials including books like When Kathy is Keith now that turning youngsters into trannies is the trendy thing.

This story comes via watchdog website Campus Reform which reports “Prof calls for more ‘gender-fluid’ books in preschools”:

A University of Rhode Island professor recently argued that libraries should start carrying more books with “transgender or gender-fluid protagonists” for preschoolers.

Susan Trostle Brand, a professor of early childhood education, suggested in an article published last week that school libraries should carry books with LGBTQ main characters to “provide active and enthusiastic support” for youth in those communities.

“By using carefully selected children’s literature…teachers can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals who are transgender and/or those who live in diverse families,” Brand wrote in her article for the Journal of Childhood Education.

Without these books, transgender kids may face a higher “risk of depression” or “low self-esteem,” Brand argues, especially since the “curriculum in most schools does not reflect the wide range of individual uniqueness” in the LGBTQ community.

Brand told Campus Reform that providing kids access to books such as My Princess Boy and When Kathy is Keith is crucial because it helps to counter the societal message that there is “something dreadfully wrong with being gay or transgender.”

“Transchildren see protagonists like themselves, and feel far less alone. They feel understood, validated, and respected for who they are. They are freed to be themselves,” she explained, calling upon her colleagues to set positive examples for non-transgender students and they “will follow suit.”

“Early experiences with diverse literature and positive role modeling make a tremendous difference for transgender, gay, and cisgender individuals, alike,” Brand remarked, adding that parents have a similar responsibility.

“Parents and caregivers should introduce the topic when children are in preschool,” she concluded. “They ‘get it’ more than we might think.”

Having a child that can be displayed as a budding transvestite is like a Porsche in the driveway for many on the loony left. This despite the potential for longtime mental health problems for the kids that they are willing to corrupt by forcing them to engage in sexual role-playing that they can’t yet comprehend in order for the victim’s parents to be status symbols.

It was recently reported that a California day camp that was indoctrinating children as young as 4-years-old into the transgender lifestyle and now this sick idea seems to be spreading across the nation.

Call it what you will but a child who is that young is not capable of being able to “get it” as Professor Brand may think and the goofball parents who expose their young ones to this stuff at an early age are tantamount to child abusers.

Perhaps, instead of these ridiculous books, this teacher should have tried some songs for kids :

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. There is no such thing as a “trans-child,” and I challenge anyone to prove that there is! Children simply do not have the mental capacity to determine who they are, especially sexually. This is a ploy by trans-activists who believe they must even corrupt and damage children to get their own deviance approved! Disgusting that adults would do this to kids.

  2. Sounds like this ‘egghead” has problems of his own that need addressing. I agree with D.T. and would add that adults involved in this CHILD ABUSE should experience the full extent of the law….

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