Liberal Colorado Judge Finds Sex Pervert Identification List Unconstitutional

The Rocky Mountain paradise of Colorado continues to shift leftward towards the degeneracy and moral decay of California as two bastions of liberal lunacy in the western United States.

With its trendy legal marijuana shops, transgender friendly laws and fight against the federal government to protect illegal aliens with criminal records, the state is a haven for leftist freaks and this is especially the case when it comes to those who are potential sexual predators or in layman’s terms: child molesters.

So, it should come as no great shock that a liberal judge is using his position on the bench to protect the rights of sex perverts which is what happened last week.

Via Denver CBS affiliate KCNC 4 “Judge Finds Colorado Sex Offender Registry Unconstitutional”:

A federal court judge in Denver has called the public sex offender registry in Colorado “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation posts a list of registered sex offenders required under the law. It contains names, pictures, addresses, descriptions and more and readily available to anyone on the internet.

But now, Federal Judge Richard Matsch has found that to be a violation of the U.S. Constitution. He wrote that the public has been given the “power to inflict punishments beyond those imposed through the court.”

Alison Ruttenberg, the attorney for the sex offenders, told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger they were often scarred for life because of all the public information available on the convicted criminals.

“Making them at risk for vigilantes’ action to have their houses burned down, beaten up or even killed that is cruel and unusual punishment,” Ruttenberg said.

“There’s not a single crime in Colorado that has been solved because of the sex offender registry. Sex offenders have probably the lowest recidivism rate of any felon and to single them out for this type of public ridicule and registration is irrational. It doesn’t do anything to keep our community safer,” she said. The judge found the posting of sex offender information to be a violation of two different amendments. The suit asked only for the three offenders’ information to be removed. It was not filed as a class action.

As is consistent with liberals and the judicial activists who sit on the bench, the rights of the victims – in this case, underage children whose lives have been forever altered – are ignored while the rights of sexual predators are elevated to a higher level.

It’s pretty pathetic to see rapists and child molesters getting preferential treatment over those that they criminally violated but that’s Eastern California for you.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. Obviously this ‘Judge” is planning ahead (just in case he gets caught) It’s either that or one of his friends on the list has big bucks to motivate this asinine ‘decision’. Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” has an entire new meaning these days….such a shame.

    This , Colorado’s tilt left. is what happens when ‘good people’ either don’t pay attention or stay home on election day. It’s far too easy not to think your vote counts for the ENTIRE Country. It’s not too early to begin work for 2018…

  2. I can see the “constitutionality” of the ruling – if you completely disregard the idea that individual rights are universal (even to unborn children) and that the violation of the rights of another human being means you FORFIET your rights!

    Letist LIARS can never present an objective case because they are LIARS and the Truth ALWAYS destroys their argument! Unless, of course, you are a STUPID, mindless, automaton!

    So I could agree with judge nemrod matsch IF the law provids that a Manditory Death dentence be imposed on all convicted child mulesters!

    As to Colorado – it has been Californicated – as the warning of the 1970s said! Native ColoradOan! (The a$$-hole media thought themselves gods and took away MY “O” – as in coloradan! – but Im still a native born Coloradoan! We the few and Damned proud of it. I WANT californicate to secede!)

    Time for Sessions to appoint some new judges.

    Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo !!
    You gotta love those libtards !!
    Anything for shekels, baby, ANYTHING.

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