Hypocrite Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Hosted BIG Fundraiser for Hillary Last Year

Perhaps no team was as badly burned by NFL Temper Tantrum Sunday than the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was the decision of head coach Mike Tomlin to not even take the field for the rendition of the national anthem.

However, Tomlin was humiliated when a Steelers player who was actually a military veteran ventured out of the locker room and to the end of the tunnel where he stood with his hand over his heart while the Star-Spangled banner boomed through the loudspeakers at Soldier Field.

The decision of offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva to go rogue to pay homage to his country and his flag enraged Coach Tomlin and likely a good number of his fellow teammates. It was a total shit show made worse by an overtime loss to the putrid Bears.

Villanueva, however, was a hero to many but has now been made to submit by his team and likely the NFL itself which has created one hell of a mess for itself by turning the keys over the Kaepernick cult.

Tomlin fumed about people playing politics with his team but it turns out that the African-American coach is quite into playing politics himself. It didn’t’ take long before someone unearthed information on a fundraiser that he hosted for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton last year.



On June 13, 2016 CBS Sports reported “Steelers coach Mike Tomlin to host expensive Hillary Clinton fundraiser”:

Although Ben Roethlisberger has decided to keep his distance from Donald Trump, not everyone in the Steelers’ organization plans to stay out of politics during the upcoming election season.

As a matter of fact, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will be putting himself in the thick of things on Tuesday, when he’s expected to host a luncheon that will serve as a fundraiser for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to an event invitation obtained by TribLIVE.com, tickets to the event will cost anywhere between $10,000 and $33,400. The more expensive ticket will include a meeting with both Clinton and Tomlin.

Some Steelers fans were already mad enough to burn their team merchandise after Tomlin’s chickenshit moves on Sunday and many more will be madder than hell to hear about his blasting politics when that is ALL that this clown is about.

The bonfires will burn brightly along the three rivers as black and gold merchandise is torched.

Now that Villanueva has been silenced and forced to grovel and beg for forgiveness is it too much to ask that Tomlin too should come out with it that he is a Clinton dead-ender and apologize to his team and the fans?

Mike Tomlin is not only a complete horse’s ass but a total hypocrite as well.

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Donn Marten

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  1. I have been a Steeler fan since 1972 when I saw Franco catch the Immaculate Reception. I thought the Steelers were God’s Team. No longer. I realize now the old days are gone only to be replaced with avarice and self-aggrandizement.

  2. My grandson who is a veteran with 2 purple hearts and bronze star made the best comment I have heard to date


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