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America Demands New News Source

One of our readers asked what it would take to get Eric Bolling and Bill O’Reilly back on Fox News to make it unbeatable. There’s nothing that’s going to make that happen, short of firing the Murdoch kids, but that doesn’t mean that something else couldn’t rise that includes them.

“I think we’re more likely to see them in something new,” I replied. “Perhaps an organization similar to Beck’s ‘The Blaze'” with more focus on video/streaming content.

I don’t think Rush wants to do TV at all, but O’Reilly and Bolling do. But it may be awhile before Eric is ready to jump back in after the recent loss of his son.

The imaginary new offering could probably pull in Jenna Lee as a known news anchor and perhaps some other up-and-coming news talent from local stations to keep it from being all opinion shows. Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, and Michelle Malkin might be interesting on panels or as co-hosts, but I’m not sure they have the chops to Host an hour-long show on their own.

Stefan Molyneux is entertaining and educational in his podcasts, not sure about TV host though. Maybe?

Would also be cool if they entertained the idea of bringing in MRC’s Brent Bozell to cover the media and Joe Bastardi for weather – similar to how Fox uses Janice Dean.

Contributors should include James Woods, Charlie Kirk, Nigel Farage, Scott Adams, Buck Sexton, Katie Pavlich, Dan Bongino, Allen West, Larry Elder, Dennis Miller and Nick Gillespie.

There is a plethora of Conservative talent available to form something new if someone with the resources wanted to fill the growing demand for honest news. America’s News Network (ANN) could give all of the networks, including the Fox News Channel a run for their money.

Just my thoughts and I would love to hear yours in the comments section.

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