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72% of Republican Voters Welcome Trump’s Outreach to Dems

Congressional Republicans have failed to progress President Donald Trump‘s agenda so he’s turning to Democrats to get things done and voters appear to appreciate that.

A new poll found that 72% of Republicans and 66% of all voters say it’s good for the country for the president to reach across the aisle. Only 13% disagree with the bipartisan move.

Voters have grown weary of the GOP’s failures with only 35% of Republican voters saying that Trump should continue to rely on just Republicans to get his agenda passed.

Trump turned to Democrats to get the Hurricane Harvey aid package passed quickly in a move that left Congressional Republicans aghast but It appears that more voters support the president’s “get things done” approach even if it means including Democrats.

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One comment

  1. Rather refreshing to know that 72% of Republicans realize that the President is one for ALL of the people, even the loopy libs and that this isn’t Burger King and you can’t always have it “your way”.

    Instead of ‘questioning’ every move, perhaps more productive would be convincing our own Senators that if they want to continue their representation to find a way they can agree on to work with him and that they should keep in mind thaT the same voters that put them in office are the ones that elected President Trump.

    If mere 7 more Republicans and 5 Democrats could look past the end of their noses and actually consider where they do agree with the President’s agenda we just might have a chance.

    P.S. Before anyone is quick to holler about the “DACCA’ decision….ask yourself about the logistics of removing that many from the country…….Is it better to tie up our courts with them or the known criminal illegals? ……..For 8 long years the GOP in DC whined about Obama by passing them. Let’s see what they do now that Trump has given them the ball.

    Every employer has the right to look for someone else that will do the job if you want….Tell that to your Senator and Representative/

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