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Lib Dems Project Their Own Racism On To Trump!!!

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The Dems and sore loser HRC realize that Russia, Russia, Russia is not working so they have stooped to a new low to explain Hillary’s defeat. They are pulling the racism card since they can’t win in the arena of ideas and now they are even comparing the ANTIFA group to WW11 vets battling Nazis. Sadly, the liberal media overreacts to every single thing that Trump does or says, and now they have just done it again. They are twisting and distorting everything he says and

Sadly, the liberal media overreacts to every single thing that Trump does or says, and now they have just done it again. They are twisting and distorting everything he says and they take everything he says out of context because he is not saying what they want him to say.  The dishonesty from the media is beyond despicable.  They all suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. They are starting to label all Trump supporters are “racists” and “Nazi’s” even more aggressively than before the election. Michal Moron is one of the biggest liberal idiots to label everyone who voted and supports Trump as a racist. What they are doing is projecting their own Russian collusion and racial prejudices onto Trump which I will detail further down.

First of all by the fake news media morons comparing ANTIFA to WWII vets insulted my father and his twin brother who was in WWII and every vet who was in WWII. My father’s twin brother was killed in the battle of the bulge. These so called Antifa groups are the very thing they say they oppose. They force their will on others, burn buildings, riot in the streets and beat people with clubs. They are the real fascists. They are for government control of the people. What is the difference between ISIS destroying historical sites in the Middle East and Democrat thugs who destroy historical monuments here?  Not much.  Not much AT ALL. As Winston Churchill once said, “In the future fascists will call themselves anti-fascists.”


I can tell you one thing these stupid leftist media morons could not compete with our World War II Veterans. They are better men and women than the fake news media will ever be. The fake news people sold themselves to the devil Soros who also funds Obama, Democrats, Antifa, Black Lives Matters, The Muslim Brotherhood and many more hate and terrorist groups. They are anti-American with their hateful comments. They need to decide if they are an American or a Communist traitor like their boss Soros. There is an article that says fake new media, Soros, Obama and the Democrats are working together to take down President Trump. Of course, the fake news media would say it is false, but I believe every word because of the way they are treating President Trump no matter what he says or does.  Soros has even said he will take down Trump. The Democrats have been out to get Trump before he even took office. The Democrats and fake new media and even Obama has lied, made up stories, put him under investigation on a witch hunt at our expense for no reason to destroy him. They crossed the line on attacking President Trump since day 1 but they now have insulted everyone in this country no matter what party who had family fighting in World War II. The people in the fake news destroy Trump media need to watch what they say and be nice or they better watch their back for there are plenty of people in our country mad enough to take them out.

I recently saw a letter from a navy seal addressed to these anti-Trump groups that warned them that we have 40 million guns and 8 trillion rounds of ammo if anyone tries to do anything to Trump while the other side doesn’t even know what bathroom to use. How true!!!

I mentioned above that the liberal Dems are forcing their own prejudices onto Trump. They demanded that Trump make a statement on Charlottesville right away and attacked him for not doing so. He replied he wanted to get all the facts first and rightly so. He didn’t want to overreact and rush to judgment like Obama did with the Cambridge police, Trevon  Martin, Ferguson, Missouri and Freddie Grey cases where he was wrong every time.

Recently on Jesse Waters show on FOX  Jesse called out liberal media hypocrisy criticizing President Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville protest, noting they said nothing when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waited for days before addressing bigger crises during their tenures.

“There’s a lot of hypocrisy going on here,” Waters said on the Fox News show The Five. “Hillary Clinton waited 2 weeks after Benghazi to call that terrorism. If Trump had blamed Charlottesville on a [phony] video, maybe he would have gotten a free pass.”

Watters continued: “President Obama waited 4 days during Ferguson while that city burned, and he was [vacationing] in Martha’s Vineyard.”

First, they tried to get Trump on Russian collusion now it comes out that Obama knew about Russian collusion in our elections since 2014 and we tried to interfere with Isreal’s elections. Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia for 120 million dollars, Russia gave Podesta 30 million dollars for his company and Hillary presented Russia with a reset button, but as soon as Trump got in he was the enemy in collusion with Russia.

When Russian collusion failed to work they hit Trump with racial prejudices. They didn’t like the fact that he said both sides were wrong and caused violence in the Charlottesville case and he was right. They didn’t like that he said there were also some good people on both sides which was probably true also. There might have been people who were not connected to the white supremacist group who were just in favor of keeping the Robert E. Lee statue and not renaming the park attending the rally just as there were probably innocent bystanders opposing the neo-nazi rally. Anyone watching the films of the clashes that day saw factions on both sides beating each other with fists, clubs and pepper spray. Black Lives Matter and the ANTIFA groups were the ones using violence opposing the neo Nazi group. Now if Hillary said the things Trump did the media and Dems would all agree with her hypocrites that they are.

It’s the Democrat party who are the biggest racists around. It was the Democrats who started the Ku Klux Klan, it was the Democrats like William Fulbright and Al Gore’s father who voted against the civil rights act. Democrats were always for segregation throughout history and Republicans were for emancipation.

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Every two to four years around election time Democrats play the race card and now they are projecting their own racism on Trump to make him look like a racist.

On Wednesday, CNN Host Don Lemon said that anyone who supports President Donald Trump is “complicit in racism.”

“Let me be plainly clear, anyone who is in that White House and is supporting him [Trump] is complicit in their racism as well,”

Notice he included “anyone who is in the white house” AND “those supporting him [Trump]”. So, that apparently includes the 65 million people that voted for Trump, according to the race-baiting Don Lemon.

I support President Trump and I am NOT a racist. Don Lemon is disgusting and more racist than anyone. He just called 65 million people racist. How much lower can a person get? Michael Moron said the same thing. What they are saying is racist in itself so they are the biggest racists.

Another racist Democrat was the late Senator Robert Byrd. The name Robert C. Byrd adorns at least 55 buildings and public works projects. That includes two federal courthouses. The West Virginia Capitol features a statue of Byrd.

Byrd was an unrepentant organizer of the Ku Klux Klan, which lives on as a deadly racist hate group. Byrd recruited 150 members into a new chapter he ran as the “Exalted Cyclops” in the 1940s.

Twenty years later, Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights Act. Almost 40 years after that, Byrd told Fox News Sunday our country’s race problems are “largely behind us,” we “talk too much about race,” and then he repeatedly used the N-word on national TV.

Byrd served 57 years in Congress, through 2010. Colleagues elected him Senate majority leader. As the Senate’s president pro tempore four times, he was four times the third person in presidential succession after the vice president and Speaker of the House. Five years before Clinton denounced the Confederate flag, she declared former Klan leader Byrd her “friend and mentor.” She never recanted. Should we take down all Robert Byrd’s statues and rename all the bridges and roads and buildings that were named for him?

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In the meantime, Trump is still succeeding in keeping his promises. He’s created a million new jobs since deregulating Obama’s regulations so companies can hire again, he’s met with 40 CEO’s of major companies who are coming back here from overseas to build here and create jobs, the stock market is breaking records every day, unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been, he’s pulled us out of the Trans Pacific Partnership to keep jobs here, he’s pulled us out of the Climate accords to save us millions of dollars here and that’s just for starters, but unfortunately you will never hear it in the biased destroy Trump Media.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. This really sounds like fake news if I ever heard any. Hey people give Americans real news.

    1. There is nothing fake about anything in this article.Everything can be verified through History books and government articles.Just research it all like I did.

    2. Why don’t you be more specific about what you are calling “fake news”, otherwise you are just a troll using a pejorative term that is only applicable to the propagandists at CNN, NYT and WAPO, the biggest fake news organizations in the land.

      Before you start coming here and harassing writers have something other than a bullshit talking point Clark, if that is you real name or just a sockpuppet id.

      Truth is that the Democrats and the left are the biggest purveyors of race-baiting of the modern era, were it not for riling up their identity group rabble and pandering to low-information types with their tinfoil hat Russian conspiracies they would have nothing.

      Don’t be a lazy gutless coward, dispute where the author is wrong and provide some links to examples.

      I’ll be waiting.

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