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Georgia Democrat Puts Stone Mountain Monument on Target List

Radical Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is calling for the destruction of the Confederate monument at Stone Mountain.

The Dekalb County memorial has a controversial history in terms of its location and bears carvings of Confederate Civil War leaders Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It is a tourist attraction yet in these raw days of renewed racial rancor, it is being targeted by the American Taliban.

Abrams – who would be the Peach state’s first black female governor if elected – has engaged in the same type of scorched earth demagoguery that has come to define the totalitarian left in 2017. It was her followers who rudely shouted down her white Democrat primary opponent over the weekend at the Netroots Nation gathering.

Now with a condemnation of Stone Mountain the borders on a promise to get the sandblasting crews ready, Abrams is looking to put her own stamp on the erasure of American history.

She let loose a series of tweets on Tuesday to feed the bonfires of anger that burn hotter by the day:

The role of a governor would normally require a more moderate temperament and a need to represent ALL of the state’s voters as well as respect their heritage but a political pyromaniac like Abrams is not interested in just governing, she wants to make history.

Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2 reports “Candidate for governor calls for removal of Stone Mountain carving”:

One of the gubernatorial candidates is calling for the removal of Confederate statues and monuments from around the state, including Stone Mountain’s Civil War carving.

The Democratic party front-runner for governor, Stacy Abrams, said the carving of three Confederate leaders at Stone Mountain, which is designated by state law as an official Confederate memorial site, should be removed.

“It is 2017, and now is the time for us to have a conversation about removing the last vestiges of that type of hatred and that type of vitriol toward minority communities in Georgia,” Abrams told Channel 2’s Richard Elliot.

Union General William T. Sherman burned Atlanta down in 1864, Abrams will be glad to do it again if she is elected.

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