Eclipse 2017: The Perfect Engagement Ring

Are you willing to accept a challenge?

What you are about to read may stretch your mind a bit. In fact, you may find it to be a bit fluffy, silly, and ridiculous in the beginning.

But by the time you get to the end, it very well may be that you have a completely different perspective.

So if you are willing to accept the challenge, settle in for a minute and let’s reminisce about a time not so long ago when our silly little story would be the normal, every-day playtime delight for every little girl. Think back on a time when such pastimes didn’t trigger the Political Correctness and Social Justice and Equality SWAT Teams.

In days gone by, practically every little girl played dress up and daydreamed about her “Happily Ever After”. From the time she took her first steps, she would pretend it was her wedding day, dressing up in one of her Mommy’s now-too-small dresses and way-too-tall heels. It was the perfect ensemble for the little girls make-believe wedding day! She would have already prepared her “congregation” of well-wishers, consisting of rows of stuffed animals propped up against one another, their exaggerated goofy and silly stitched on and painted on smiles providing the perfect collection of wedding guests to help her celebrate her beautiful day.

More likely than not, she would not have even thought to include her groom in the planning process, so after stumbling down the aisle in heels  that are way too big for her feet, with silly little giggles she would have run over to her stuffed animal congregation and picked one of the guests to serve as her groom. He had only intended to sit in the crowded congregation among the rest of his little stuffed animal friends, but now he’s part of the main event!

As the little girl grows older, her “Happily Ever After” dress up days would evolve into just sitting in the window seat, dreamily staring off into the distant future, longing for the day her knight in shining armor will ride in on a white horse, get down on one knee, declare his undying love for her, throw her on the back of his horse, and whisk her away to his castle far away.

Her mind is filled with an endless string of questions: What will her prince look like? What will he be wearing? What will she be wearing? What will her ring look like? Will he leave the ring in the box  and simply open the box in front of her? Will he put the ring in a champagne glass? Or will he hide her ring in plain sight? Will he propose in private? Or will he make it a public event?Will he propose on her birthday? His birthday? Christmas? Valentine’s Day? The anniversary of their first date? Or just another day on the calendar? Will he sing to her? Will they dance? Will it be warm or cool outside? Will he present her with flowers? Will he propose in the middle of the day? Or will it be in the dark of night?

Now, let’s come back to the present.

Are you aware that the King of Kings has proposed to you? Before the very foundation of the earth, He chose you. He came down from His throne, went to the Cross, and gave His Life for you. He rose from the dead, and returned to heaven to prepare a place for you to join Him as His bride. He has prepared a wedding feast that awaits us when it is time for us to join our Bridegroom. He has done this for every single person on earth, and for those who say yes and accepted Him, they are now His betrothed. There are still many who have not given Him an answer to His proposal, and He anxiously awaits each person’s individual answer.

It is nearing the time for The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb. You must pay attention to God’s calendar so you will be aware of how late the hour is. The final preparations are being made. The Bridegroom has even presented you with the Perfect Engagement Ring by way of “the moon, the faithful witness that stands watch in the night sky”, to make His proposal official. Would you like to see your Engagement Ring?

Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring Effect
The Perfect Engagement Ring- Diamond Ring Effect of the Great American Solar Eclipse 2017 Photographer: Gosborne955, Clarksville, Tennessee, August 21, 2017; 1:27pm

Jesus is warning all mankind that final preparations for His wedding are being made, and very, VERY soon, at the Appointed Time, He is going to come whisk His bride away for the wedding feast that awaits all who are prepared for that day. Jesus expects that His bride will be a chaste virgin, so starting with the body of Christ, He has called His betrothed to make herself ready to receive Him when He calls her to Him as He has promised. As is the case with any wedding, there’s thing that must be done to prepare for your wedding day. He gave Himself so that His bride can be be prepared for her wedding day, without spot or blemish, holy and innocent before Him. This is the only way the betrothed can actually become His bride.

Just as He announced His birth with the Star of Bethlehem, He has announced His soon return as the Bridegroom with signs in the heavens– sometimes even parallel and plural signs in the heavens– that were foretold thousands of years ago. These signs confirm Scriptures, as well as bring clarity to many other Scriptures not understood until this time in history. He reminds His bride to look up, because He will be retrieving her very soon to take her away to her wedding. He has even given instructions that at least 2 witnesses are required to confirm the validity of the heavenly signs; and He has given two witnesses- the sun and the moon- to confirm His message hidden in plain site in the heavenlies. Soon and VERY SOON, He is going to whisk His bride away for the Wedding Feast He has prepared. He admonishes His bride to study and learn so that she will know the time she has to be prepared is very short. Jesus has placed messages all throughout Scripture to encourage His bride and help her with the preparations for their wedding. Some of the hidden treasures Jesus has hidden for His bride are found in the meanings of words and numbers. What the enemy intended to steal through numerology and other occultic practices, Jesus restores through His promises.

As Jesus’ betrothed, His bride is set apart from the world. She is a Wise Virgin, keeping oil in her lamp as she watches and anxiously waits for her Bridegrooms return. She must be forgiving of others, yet uncompromising in her walk, boldly proclaiming that she is spoken for, calling for repentance within the body of Christ, and sharing the Good News so that as many who will listen and receive will be a part of the bride of Christ as well.

Sadly, and very unfortunately, many of the betrothed virgins have not been preparing for their wedding day. Many virgins have become foolish, allowing their short attention spans to become distracted with their daily activities, and all too soon they forget that their Bridegroom will be coming back for them. Because, with their short-attention spans, and in their minds, He has been “a long time in coming”. They’ve gotten bored with watching and waiting and have become drowsy and have now fallen asleep. They do not have enough oil in their lamps, because they have not prepared for His soon return. Still many others claim to have accepted His proposal, but they have very foolishly prostituted themselves out to the corruptions of this adulterous world. There are many virgins within the body of Christ that have been very foolish and are now at risk of finding out all too late that the door of the wedding banquet has been shut, their lamps have no oil, and their wedding clothes are not on.

Listen closely!

“There’s a stirring in the throne room, and all creation holds it’s breath- waiting now to see the bride groom, wondering how the bride will dress. And she wears white, and she knows that she’s undeserving, he bears the shame of history, with this worn and weary maiden, is not the bride that He sees. And she wears white, head to toe, But only He could make it so.

When someone dries your tears, when someone wins your heart. And says you’re beautiful, when you don’t know you are. And all you’ve longed to see, is written on His face. When love has come and finally set you free…On that wedding day!
On that wedding day…..

She has danced in golden castles, and she has crawled through beggar’s dust. But today she stands before Him, and she wears His righteousness. And she will be who He adores, and this is what He made her for.

When the hand that bears the only scars, and heaven touch her face, and the last tears she’ll ever cry are finally wiped away. And the clouds roll back as He takes her hand, and walks her through the gates. Forever we will reign!”

Have you accepted His proposal? Are you preparing for your Wedding Day? Or have you become bored and tired while awaiting His return? Do you even remember that you are the bride of Christ? Are you looking forward to your Wedding Day? Is your lamp filled with oil? Get your wedding clothes on! Fill our lamp with oil! Look up! LOOK! UP! He has written His signs in the heavenlies! He has invited YOU to the Marriage Supper of The Lamb! Will you be there? Or will the door be shut, while you are out looking for oil?

We plan for months, sometimes even years for weddings that all-too-often end in divorce. We celebrate and revel in the day and event rather than rejoicing in the sacred covenant and commitment of marriage. While all along, with the busyness of this life, we go off into the fields and carry on with life as usual; or we become bored and drowsy, and we do not prepare for our Wedding Day that will be here SO! VERY! SOON!

He is warning His body! He is pleading with His bride to prepare herself!

For many are invited, but few are chosen.

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  1. An impassioned plea to those of us who have forgotten we were chosen, not by man, but by God.

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