Democrat Congressman Says Nancy Pelosi Will Doom Party in 2018

Despite the bickering, cowardice, disloyalty, and backstabbing within the Republican controlled Congress, the GOP has one big thing in their favor going into the critical 2018 midterm election cycle.

Nancy Pelosi.

The Botox-embalmed banshee and self-proclaimed “master legislator” continues to be as divisive a figure as ever and since 2010, she has presided over a losing streak that could reach a decade come the next presidential election.

It has been under Pelosi’s leadership – or lack thereof – that the Democratic party has disintegrated into a headless, brainless, conglomeration of conspiracy crazy cranks, violent street mobs, moral degenerates and flat out communists with ONE issue to run on – opposition to President Donald Trump.

The party’s dangerous Russia obsession and the renewed embrace of race-baiting after Saturday’s ugly events in Charlottesville have blinded the leadership to things that voters are really concerned about like jobs, affordable health care and a future for their children.

One Democrat seems to get it and is speaking out against Pelosi. Filemon Vela of Texas is calling for the party to cut Pelosi loose before it’s too late.

According to liberal website BuzzFeed “Meet Nancy Pelosi’s Most Aggressive Democratic Critic In Congress”:

Where other Democrats speak about their desire for a “fresh face” in leadership — often anonymously — and rarely delve into personal criticisms of Pelosi or her work, Vela is much more blunt. At a press conference earlier this year, he openly accused Pelosi of misleading her own caucus to provide a “down payment” for President Donald Trump’s border wall. The dramatic charge was out of step with most Democrats and was fiercely denied by Pelosi and even many of her critics and immigration advocates in the Democratic ranks. (The funding actually went to replace existing border fencing).

When Democrats lost a special election in Georgia this year, Vela shot off a late-night, two-sentence email to BuzzFeed News laying the blame on Pelosi. “Pelosi lost the [O]ssoff election. Obviously the party can only succeed if she goes,” he wrote. (Pelosi never went to the district, but she did raise money for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and was prominently featured in negative ads.)

Two days later, Vela took part in an anti-Pelosi meeting with approximately a dozen House Democrats. The group took no immediate action afterwards.

In an interview, Vela argued there is “no way in hell” Democrats will succeed in the next election if she remains on top.

“When we go to 2018, if we’re going to win the majority, Democrats have to win swing districts, which means, winning independent voters, swing voters, and even Republican moderates,” Vela, who’s from a safely blue district, told BuzzFeed News. “The problem is, is that in that demographic…it is real clear that the drag on our candidates is Nancy Pelosi.”

“If you have an obvious obstacle, why not remove it?”

Pelosi’s office did not comment specifically on her relationship with Vela.

Vela will quickly be demonized by Pelosi’s allies who benefit immensely from the current status quo regardless of whether the Dems have the majority or not.

The lack of any sort of a message with any widespread appeal as well as the reliance on far-left radicals who are attempting to overthrow the legitimate U.S. government may very well be the recipe for even more losses in 2018.

When the Democrats are finally dead and buried as a party, the inscription on their tombstone should read: KILLED BY PELOSI.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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