Former Attorney General Says Swamp Dweller McConnell Must Go!!!


I recently received the letter below from former Attorney General from Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli stating why Mitch McConnell must be removed from the Senate. I agree with his reasoning, but it would be difficult because McConnell’s wife is Trump’s Secretary of Labor. McConnell is another reason for term limits and draining the swamp.

Fellow Conservatives:

Senator Mitch McConnell’s failed leadership is killing President Trump’s conservative agenda and there is no sign this will change.

President Trump asked for funding for the border wall, but Mitch McConnell said no.

President Trump campaigned on term limits for Members of Congress, but Mitch McConnell said no.

President Trump proposed budget cuts for foreign aid, but Mitch McConnell said no.

And now President Trump has called on Senate Republicans to renew their efforts to repeal Obamacare, but yet again, Mitch McConnell has said no, “it’s time to move on.”

Even worse, Mitch McConnell is now blaming the president for setting “excessive expectations” when he was the one who set these expectations with years of empty promises!!!

It’s time for Senate Republicans to elect a new leader who will fight to save our country!

Mitch McConnell is a creature of the swamp who never wanted President Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton. It’s why he told Senate Republicans they should drop Trump “like a hot rock.”

It’s no surprise that McConnell is calling the president stupid now and sending his political allies out to attack the president in the press.

The president is right to question Mitch McConnell’s leadership because he is responsible for electing all of the liberal Republicans who are now blocking the president’s agenda.

And there’s no sign that is going to change.

McConnell is already taking steps to re-elect liberal Republicans who oppose Trump’s agenda and to defeat conservative candidates who pose a threat to the status quo.

In fact, his super PAC recently vowed to defend Senator Dean Heller from a primary challenge after he flip-flopped on Obamacare and voted against repeal.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t want President Trump to drain the swamp. He wants to keep rewarding his cronies with liberal policies and continue business as usual.

We can’t allow this career politician to blow our best chance to make America great again. McConnell is simply unwilling to fight for President Trump’s conservative agenda and he needs to go.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom. Thank you for taking action to promote conservative leadership in Washington.


Ken Cuccinelli II
President, Senate Conservatives Action
Former Attorney General of Virginia

With McConnell saying Trump has “excessive expectations” shows the difference between a politician and a businessman.  Of course, Trump has excessive expectations. So do the American people who elected him. They are tired of Congress not getting anything done for them. A politician like McConnell talks the talk but never gets much done, a businessman like Trump expects results and gets things done. McConnell has been in Congress too long and is used to just talking about things and putting them off and getting lost a government bureaucracy like they did with Obamacare in talking about repealing and replacing it for seven years and then voting against it. Trump gets things done and expects results which is why people elected him.

Another reason McConnell can’t be trusted and must go is that the White House is accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of waging a clandestine smear campaign against President Donald Trump, leaking sensitive internal communications shared with the President to the New York Times and possibly other media, according to administration officials.

White House sources said McConnell either leaked the information to the Times himself or instructed aides to do it for him. Either way, they said, the Senate leader no longer deserves blanket trust from the Trump administration nor do the American people who elected Trump.

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Jim Clayton

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  1. 1. McConnell and Ryan have publicly voiced their hatred of conservatives with their “War on Conservatives” news briefing.
    2. McConnell is a rino and globalist, he wants a strong central government with the states acting as subservient entities, with him as dictator.
    3. McConnell has always been a weak and ineffective leader, he lies to us and pushes his agenda which normally aligned with the democrats agenda.

    These are just a few of his failures and he should be removed ASAP!

  2. McConnell,Ryan,Heller,Flake all are part of the corrupt Washington Swamp serving special interests and they need to be removed ASAP.

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