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Atlanta NAACP Demands Boycott Until NFL Signs Colin Kaepernick

By this point, you just wish that the Colin Kaepernick stories would go away along with the mediocre militant who is now paying the price for embarrassing his employer last year. Trust me, I am sick of writing about this idiot but since I cover the sports beat here at CDN, it’s my obligation.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen, in fact look for even MORE of this guy’s name in the news now that football season is here.

The 2017 NFL season is less than three weeks away and STILL, Kaepernick remains unemployed although one would suspect that at least some of that has to do with a series of racially themed tweets that he has unleashed in the last few months including comparing law enforcement officers to slave catchers.

Kaepernick managed to offend a good deal of America last year with his refusal to stand for the national anthem, his involvement in a Black Panther youth camp, a general animosity for cops and a love for Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.

NFL owners are justifiably wary of bringing this guy into their locker room where he would create a media circus on a weekly basis as well as possibly poisoning the attitude of teammates. If he would just shut the hell up and lay low, cut off that ridiculous Funkadelic Afro and keep his race messiah delusions to himself he would likely end up being signed when some team loses a starter in a few months.

But since this is America and now that the Democrats and the media have succeeded in setting race relations back decades as a way to stick it to President Trump, Kaepernick’s worst enemies are those who supposedly have his back.

Like the NAACP or at least the Atlanta chapter of the organization.

CBS Sports is reporting “NAACP’s Atlanta chapter calls for boycott of NFL until Colin Kaepernick gets signed”:

The NAACP chapter in Atlanta is calling for football fans across the country to stop watching the NFL until a team is willing to sign Colin Kaepernick.

Gerald Griggs, the vice president of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter, said this week that his group is planning a boycott of all things NFL and will continue to boycott the league as long as Kaepernick remains a free agent.

“There will be no football in the state of Georgia if Colin Kaepernick is not on a training camp roster and given an opportunity to pursue his career,” Griggs recently told Fox 5 in Atlanta. “This is not a simple request. This is a statement. This is a demand.”

According to Griggs, the NAACP is planning to hold a rally at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sept. 17, which just happens to be the same day the Falcons will be playing their home opener at their new $1.5 billion stadium.

“If Mr. Kaepernick is not allowed to pursue his career, then on September the 17th, at 5 o’clock, we are going to have the world’s largest tailgate, and that tailgate will not go into Mercedes-Benz Stadium,” Griggs said. “We will take a knee, and we will continue to take a knee on the NFL until they act with one voice.”

Falcons owner Arthur Blank doesn’t sound too thrilled that his team is being dragged into the Kaepernick situation.

“I have a long record of active opposition to any symbol or behavior that represents exclusion or discrimination, both personally and in keeping with the core values of our businesses,” Blank said in a statement, via Fox 5. “I, along with our Family Foundation, the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United, have never and will never waver from that stance.”

Falcons owner Arthur Blank may have a long history of supporting equality but none of that matters now that the country is getting ripped apart along racial lines.

The NAACP in Atlanta is engaging in what can only be called extortion and Blank is the bad guy simply because he has the money to own an NFL team as well as being white.

There is no word as to whether the national NAACP plans to take up the boycott against the NFL at this time but they would be wise to ponder if it’s a wise move to choose this to be the hill that they are willing to die upon.

Black boycotts will surely result in even MORE fans becoming turned off and tuning out because the games are supposed to be about escaping reality, thanks to the radical left and the racial grievance pimps, that is no longer possible. Hell, as much as a fan as I’ve been over the past half century, even I’m about to just tune this crap off and wait for hockey season.

The NAACP should seriously consider whether they want to be the ones holding the smoking gun after killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. Colin hasn’t been picked up because he isn’t talented enough to offset his loud n****r mouth. He is a high school quarterback at best. His obnoxious attitude makes those that might consider him turn their backs. I know … Make him president of the Atlanta NAACP. That doesn’t require talent of any kind … Just a loud mouth.

  2. Way to go NAACP !! Let’s boycott all of those ‘home’ games! That way you local ‘home boys’ businesses can lose revenue, your ‘home’ town loses tax money for your city services to allow rates to soar even higher to further burden the average Joe Citizen!!!

    OOps..NAACP, You do know that the NFL owners can easily go where they are wanted….Can you and those you presume to represent?

    NAACP has become desperate for a ’cause’, even if they have to create it….just like their sister ACLU.

  3. If Colin is signed due to pressure by the NAACP then no one should watch football, pathetic way to get a JOB. The truth is that he can’t play so why in the world would anyone pick him up? it has nothing to do with his race, that is just being used as an excused for more division. I don’t know of any paid profession that allows you to use your employment as a stage for your own soapbox. The NFL should never have let it happen, don’t stand for the anthem, go home. I pay for my cable, not Colin. I’m sure that if the NFL would have squashed it, they’d be labeled some kind of racist. Anyone else in any other profession would have been fired!!! That we know is the truth…..

  4. I hope they boycott. I also hope all reasonable fans boycott this GAME. It’s a GAME. It is not something that is crucial to my joy. It doesn’t contribute to the quality of my life. The fools who become multimillionaires from this sport who are so unhappy about life in America should leave and find their ideal country elsewhere.

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