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Globalist ICJ Lawyer: Trump is an Authoritarian Populist

An ICJ lawyer, Saman Zia-Zarifi, branded President Donald Trump an authoritarian populist while using populist rhetoric to condemn him.

Branding the U.S. president an “authoritarian populist”, Saman Zia-Zarifi, secretary-general of the Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), compared him to the leaders of Turkey, the Philippines, Hungary and Venezuela.

Zarifi cited as an example Trump’s travel ban on nationals from six Muslim-majority countries, a policy that he called “highly problematic” under the U.S. constitution and international law.

Who is Saman Zai-Zarifi

Saman Zia-Zarifi is the Secretary General at the progressive, globalist International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). Secretary General is a title that echoes the hierarchy of the United Nations.

His profile at Relationship Science is sparse – almost as though he appeared from nowhere.

Saman Zia-ZarifiThat’s it – nothing more. His entire career has been with the IJC.

He passed the state bar of California in 1993 but listed a French address:

Saman Zia-Zarifi bar listing

In 2011 Saman Zia-Zarifi was listed as a Director for Amnesty International – another globalist organization using human rights as a means to promote open borders and destroy sovereignty.

Who is the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)

The ICJ is a rather obscure organization with little to show for its 60 years of existence. The group uses political correctness and an ineffective website to push the new world order future vision of open borders, serfdom to the United Nations and to make sovereignty a nasty word.

Their “history” page is a self-glorifying wall of do-nothingness:

The ICJ was established following the 1952 ‘International Congress of Jurists’ in West Berlin. The Congress was organized by the ‘Investigating Committee of Free Jurists (ICJF)’, a group of German jurists committed to investigating human rights abuses carried out in the Soviet Zone of post-war Germany.

During the Congress, delegates decided to make provisions to expand the work of the ICJF. A five-member ‘Standing Committee of the Congress’ was appointed to carry out further investigations into human rights violations in other regions of the world. In 1953, the Standing Committee created the “International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)” that we know today.

ICJ’s “news” wall displays posts where they moan about human rights offenders which they equate to European immigration control.

The ICJ and the International Detention Coalition (IDC) have presented their observations on the draft European rules for the administrative detention of migrants.

In their submissions, the two human rights organizations noted that the current detention practices in most Council of Europe member States raise serious questions as to their compatibility with human rights law.

Like Amnesty International, IJC appears to be a non-sanctioned arm of the United Nations. Same goal – destroy the sovereignty of nations, but without all the scrutiny that the U.N. would receive.

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  1. Many do not properly understand the American people and why they elected Donald Trump as their president. Not the progressive/anarchists, not democrats, not the RINO-republicans, and certainly not the never-Trumpers. Perhaps a line from Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America may shed some light on their reasoning: “It profits me but little, after all, that a vigilant authority always protects the tranquility of my pleasures and constantly averts all dangers from my path, without my care or concern, if this same authority is the absolute master of my liberty and my life, and if it is so, monopolizes movement and life that when it languishes everything languishes around it, that when it sleeps everything must sleep, and when it dies the state itself must perish.” Volume I, Chapter V – Necessity of Examining the Condition of the States Before that of the Union at Large.

  2. ICJ, Amnesty International, United Nations….”A rose by any other name is still a rose”….These organizations of elitist are full of thorns. And will ‘stick’ anyone that makes their inferiority show…and the only way to ‘hide’ is to disparage others…..or it could be fear.
    Now IF President Trump is a “Populist Authoritarian”…what does that make the people of this nation? Oh, gosh, that seems to make us ALL AMERICANS that, even with a few black sheep in the flock, we are the Best Country around the globe…

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