Former Pink Floyd Singer Puts on an Anti-Trump Rock Extravaganza

Roger Waters, a founding member of legendary British rock group Pink Floyd is drawing criticism over his recent comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany.

The 73-year-old made the comments during a Facebook chat when he referenced Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels to make his point that the Israeli government constantly lies to its people.

The musician has frequently been an outspoken critic of Israel and an advocate for the Palestinians, especially the BDS boycott movement which has made him a hero of the radical left.

But it’s Waters’ political statement that he’s making in the domestic U.S. that will surely earn him the contempt of many decent Americans as he barnstorms the country in what can only be called an obscene carnival of perversion attacking President Donald Trump.

He is in the midst of a U.S. tour and highlights of the show include the trademark inflatable Pink Floyd pig with Trump’s face on it, video of Trump vomiting and images of the POTUS as Hitler and comparisons to Vladimir Putin among other bizarre psychedelia.

The Tampa Bay Times provides details Water’s recent performance “Roger Waters blasts Donald Trump during eye-popping concert at Tampa’s Amalie Arena”:

There were moments of political intrigue during the first half of the show – footage of drone bombings and desertscapes; the vitriolic lyrics of new song Picture That (“Picture a leader with no f—ing brains!”) as images of Trump flashed on screen. And then, as he ended the set with a rousing suite from The Wall, a chorus line of children in orange jumpsuits appeared for Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2, then stripped down to black T-shirts emblazoned with the word RESIST, as Waters danced and raised his fist alongside them.

But after intermission is when things really got heated.

As the lights dimmed to sound effects of bullets, sirens and riots, the arena underwent a transformation. In a remarkable effect, a row of scaffolding lowered from the rafters, then gave rise to an enormous three-dimensional video screen in the shape of the power station from the cover of 1977’s Animals, complete with architectural trompe l’oeils and four actual smoking columns, extending from the stage to the soundboard.

Waters and his band roared through Dogs, play-acting a farcical classist nightmare by donning pig masks and sipping champagne. Then came Pigs (Three Different Ones), which brought the anti-Trump pig blimp and a flood of savage graphics on the screen: Trump’s head on a pig’s body, a teeny Trump hoisted by Vladimir Putin, more than a dozen ire-inducing quotes attributed to the president (“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich,” for example; or “Even if the world goes to hell in a handbasket, I won’t lose a penny”). The video ended with four words: TRUMP IS A PIG. A few fans lobbed boos and catcalls in the silence that followed, but many more howled in applause.

Then, on Money, more footage: Trump and Putin and Jeff Sessions, sports cars and beauty pageants and gold, Trump’s casinos alongside the Kremlin.

Waters performs the song “Pigs” from an earlier stop on his Trump-hating tour:

Waters has always been a rather odd duck. Haunted by personal demons after he spat on a fan during a 1977 Montreal Stadium concert, the singer/bassist withdrew and produced The Wall, the quirky but classic concept album about alienation and mental illness that has become the band’s iconic work. But his prickly personality soon rubbed bandmates the wrong way and the friction along with creative differences led to an acrimonious split back in the 1980’s.

Without Waters, the band went on to record a number of albums and perform huge stadium shows until the band officially retired in 2014.

Waters never had much commercial success as a solo artist and has largely relied on tours performing The Wall as well as dabbling in international activism including the aforementioned anti-Israel diatribes. His eccentricities pretty much guarantee that he has zero marketability with the mainstream.

Mr. Waters is just another of those decadent rich British pigs who made their money selling albums and concert tickets to Americans and now feel free to take a shit all over the country which he will continue to do for the duration of his tour.

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