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Election Truthers File Suit to Void Georgia Special Election Results

The Democrats are still wringing the hurt out of their asses after their bright shining hope Jon Ossoff went down in flames in Georgia’s special election last month.

The creepy-looking Star Wars geek was the beneficiary of millions of dollars in cash from California liberals and his loss to Republican Karen Handel dealt a serious blow to Botox-embalmed banshee Nancy Pelosi.

Ossoff’s loss made it 0-4 for Democrats in the spate of special elections in traditional GOP districts that they claimed were referendums on President Donald Trump and Russia.

If you travel anywhere on the progressive blogs, a common and recurrent theme is election trutherism which always seems to manifest itself whenever Republicans win at the ballot box.

There has been a lot of conspiracy mongering bubbling up, much of it instigated by a traveler by the name of Greg Palast who makes his living off of selling books and videos to liberals on election “fraud” and now it has resulted in a lawsuit.

Leftist groups are seeking to overturn the results in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District based on claims that voting machines weren’t sufficiently protected from “hackers” aka phantom Russians.

The Washington Examiner reports on this latest effort by the losing left to overturn the legitimate results of an election in the story “Georgia voters, Colorado nonprofit sue to overturn special election results in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District”:

A group of Georgia voters and a Colorado-based watchdog organization filed a lawsuit late Monday asking a judge to overturn the results of last month’s 6th Congressional District special election and scrap the state’s voting system, Colorado Politics has learned.

The complaint, filed in Fulton County Superior Court, alleges that state and local election officials ignored warnings for months that Georgia’s centralized election system — already known for potential security flaws and lacking a paper trail to verify results — had been compromised and left unprotected from intruders since at least last summer, casting doubt on Republican Karen Handel’s 3.8-point win over Democrat Jon Ossoff in the most expensive House race in the nation’s history.


The Georgia lawsuit isn’t alleging the election system has been hacked, but computer security experts argue that the state’s voting equipment and computers have been at risk of intrusion for so long that election officials must assume they’ve been compromised. And while federal authorities have said there’s overwhelming evidence that Russian hackers attempted to meddle in last year’s presidential election, the plaintiffs in the Georgia lawsuit aren’t suggesting their concerns include the Russians, although they maintain last year’s events should raise awareness that there are bad guys out there.

The link to the entire article is HERE.

Just more carpetbaggers and Democrat sore losers pushing a lie to disenfranchise the majority.

In a nutshell, it’s basically the same type of stunt that Hillary Clinton operative Jill Stein pulled last year by challenging the counts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Oh lordy, how the money rolled into the coffers of the Green Party candidate but alas, Clintonstein was defeated in the courts.

This is a totally frivolous lawsuit by groups and sore losers that are only trying to sow doubt as to the integrity of elections instead of just admitting that the Democrats are hated by the majority of Americans and have no policies other than conspiracies and hatemongering.

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  1. Would someone please explain to me how a Colorado “watch-dog” group has any standing to bring a complaint in Georgia?

  2. It’s Hillary 2.0. “We should have won because we calculated how much cheating was required and we’re never wrong.”

    Liberals, victims of their made-up common core math.

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