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The Democrat Party/Hillary/Obama Russian Collusion!!!

As the Democrats along with their cohorts and allies in the anti-Trump media continue to perpetuate this phony Trump-Russian collusion story to cover up their own nefarious deeds and to distract from President Trump succeeding, the real collusion was perpetrated by them.

When Barack Obama was in power, I always said to listen what he says then think the opposite because that’s what he really means. I was right every time and this with the media blaming Trump is another example. Listen to what they say then think the opposite. They blame trump for colluding with Russia when it was really them doing it all along.

Just a few months ago they were all buddy, buddy with Russia. Remember when Hillary went over there and gave them that stupid, symbolic reset button? Remember when she sold 20% of our uranium to them for $140 million that went to them and their Clinton Foundation which really wound up in their back pockets? Remember when Russia gave John Podesta $30 million for his company? Remember when Podesta’s brother registered as a Russian agent without telling the U.S. to help lift the sanctions? Remember when Obama leaned over and told Medvedev that in his second term he would have more flexibility with them? So I ask you who is  the real colluders?

We now find that Democrat agents were colluding with Ukrainian officials before the election to get information onTrump. Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American activist and Democratic consultant for over a decade, is the latest in a line of Democrats, including multiple DNC officials and former Clinton campaign officials, to deny the claim. The former Democratic National Committee contractor at the center of allegations that Democrats worked with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump told CNN Friday that DNC officials never asked her to “go to the Ukrainian Embassy to collect information.” Chalupa went on CNN and denied everything which makes that failure to turn over the DNC server all the more important, that shows she’s lying.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian Lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. was a plant. She is part of the Deep State and was even invited a few days after meeting with Don Jr by Barack Obama to attend a Congressional hearing on Russian policy. She also has TONS of Anti Trump images ALL OVER her Facebook page. Don’t believe the lying filth in the lame stream media. This was pro-Trump, anti-Hillary individual. This was a Russian Spy set up by Hillary and Obama to take down candidate Trump at the time.

Now that Hillary lost the election she has come out of the woods and her speeches have become increasingly bellicose and fascistic in nature.

There are the constant claims of sinister Russian plots to subvert the election and the demonizing of her opponent Donald Trump. She is now prowling the outer reaches of the lunatic fringe peddling her warmed-over Cold War conspiracy theories.

The Clintons are fighting for their lives they know that they must get President TRUMP out of office before he takes control of the FBI . if they fail it is over for them so its kind of like a civil war between the criminal Clinton/Obama people vs the new TRUMP administration.

Even the biggest moron must know deep down in their hearts Trump is being totally and utterly betrayed by a minority of criminals in high office doing their utmost to undermine his position, but once again this very clever man has put another pile of bullcrap back on the shoulders of these traitors and came out on top again. The Intel people, military and law enforcement who hate the President because he hammered their crime boss Hillary keep leaking to the corrupt media and the man just won’t lie down, he comes back stronger each time. I salute him and wish him well. All he wants is to make America great again.

People are tired of hearing about Russia, Russia, Russia all the time. They don’t care about that. They are more interested in jobs, the economy infrastructure repair and defeating terrorism all which Trump wants done, but the media won’t let him do. Instead they perpetuate this lie about Russian collusion to throw the scent off of them. They are still so upset they lost and will never get over it. Well they should. We’d all be better off and the country would succeed.

Meanwhile, John Podhoretz in the New York Post writes that Clinton would be no different than Trump if she were in the White House.

“Let’s face it: With the exception of the Supreme Court appointment and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, Trump has astoundingly little in the accomplishments column — especially for a president whose party controls both houses of Congress.

We’re nearing the end of July without a health-care reform bill. There’s no tax cut. Trump has his Cabinet in place but hundreds of sub-cabinet positions have yet to be filled. His flashy effort to restrict immigration from Muslim countries ran afoul of the courts and is only now being implemented in part.

Yes, Trump struck Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons in April — but President Hillary might well have done the same.

So Trump has gotten very little done. The same would have been true if Hillary had won.

I hate to disagree with you John, but I guess your head has been watching too much CNN and other destroy Trump news sources that censor all the things Trump has accomplished so I will list them for you;’

  • He cancelled the Trans Pacific Partnership that Hillary and Obama supported that sent jobs overseas so now jobs will stay here.
  • He has canceled all of Obama’s job killing regulations so companies are hiring here now.
  • He met with 40 CEO’s of major companies and they promised to build here instead of overseas. Particularly Ford, Chrysler, and Intel.
  • He opened up coal mines in Pennsylvania and Ohio that were closed down when Obama was in there so now the miners will be working again.
  • He signed 34 pieces of new legislation.
  • He got the Dakota pipeline up and running so that it doesn’t affect the environment.
  • He’s met with more world leaders in the shortest time than any president has.
  • He’s got the wall started. Sean Spicer showed pictures of it at a news conference.
  • He’s created almost a million new jobs since he’s been in office,220,000 alone in June. A good friend of mine couldn’t get a job under Obama and now got one under Trump.
  • The stock market is creating records every day since he’s been in office.

I know the mainstream destroy Trump media wont report any of this John, but I always thought of you as very astute and I always considered you a good conservative.  if I can find out this stuff then you should be able to also or maybe you don’t choose to recognize his accomplishments like the rest of the media. So don’t go saying he hasn’t accomplished anything.

There’s more to accomplishments than just healthcare reform and tax cuts. The reason he isn’t getting these things done is not because of him, but RINOS in congress and assorted never Trumpers like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Paul Ryan who oppose him at every turn.  He’s only been in office seven months. These things take time. The reason he is lagging in appointments is again Democrats stalling him on purpose.  Obamacare didn’t come into play for over a year. You can’t expect to come up with a new plan in six months or less.

Podhoretz also asked what Hilary would have done if she got in. “What would the Republicans have done in the Hillary era so far? They would have sought to stymie her, or challenge her.

They would have rejected any effort she would have made to revise ObamaCare in favor of outright repeal — a repeal she would have vetoed.

They might have sought to block some of her Cabinet appointments and slowed down the process of filling the departments, but she would certainly have sent far more nominees up to Capitol Hill for confirmation than Trump has and would have gotten most of them through.”

Again I disagree. Republicans  have become more like democrats and are so weak minded that they would kiss her royal behind at every turn less they be accused of being sexist like they were accused of being racist if they disagreed with Obama. Hillary wouldn’t overturn Obamacare as it was too close to her Hillarycare when she was with Bill. Hillary was also in favor of raising taxes on the middle class and small business to 43% and raise taxes on the inheritance tax to 62%, Trump wants to lower that to 15% if the wimps in congress and the senate will go along with him. So don’t go saying Trump and Hillary would be the same and that Trump isn’t doing anything. That’s like comparing apples and oranges. He’s just getting started.

That’s like comparing apples and oranges. He’s just getting started.


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