Animal Rights Activists Suspected in Stunt That Killed Thousands of Minks

A Minnesota fur farm owner is having to deal with the deaths of thousands of minks who were sprung from captivity, likely by idiotic animal rights activists whose ideology overwhelmed their brains.

Someone executed what by all appearances is a guerilla operation against Lang Fur Farms in Stearns County, Minnesota by cutting through the fence and opening the cages of nearly 40,000 minks to free them from captivity.

Whoever was responsible – authorities suspect activists – only succeeded in helping to facilitate the deaths of thousands of the animals which either starved to death, were killed in mink fights or succumbed to the heat.

The St. Cloud Times reports “Mink owner reeling over ‘absolute chaos,’ thousands of dead animals”:

Dan Lang has a message for the vandals that released more than 38,000 mink into the wild: You gave my animals a death sentence.

“There were mink dead all over the road,” he said, describing the scene at Lang Fur Farms northwest of Eden Valley on Monday.

Investigators, who now include the FBI, believe more than one person dismantled the exterior fence at Lang Farm between 10:30 p.m. Sunday and 5:30 a.m. Monday. Lang and a slew of neighbors and regional mink farmers spent hours rounding up live mink using nets. But Lang estimates more than half the animals are dead.

Carcasses lie in piles on the farm. Live animals — including kits separated from their mothers and siblings — are now fighting because they aren’t in their normal groupings.

“We just threw mink in pens to try to get as many back as we could. And now they are killing each other,” he said. “And they’re still dying. They are still dying from heat stress.”

While the animals were doomed anyway once it came time to sell them for their pelts but whoever pulled the stunt is not only responsible for the agonizing premature deaths of thousands of the little furry creatures but also a criminal act against the owner stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Friday update confirms 15,000 dead with 14,000 still missing and a good percentage of them likely dead as well.

Here’s hoping that the culprits will be skinned alive when they are apprehended, metaphorically speaking of course.

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