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America Has Always Been Divided

Division and differences of opinion are not themselves bad or threatening things for a free citizenry as long as the majority of that population feel that they have a say in the outcome. That the final product is fully explained in a balanced manner allowing wide discussion and agreement on the decision after the debate, even though not everyone will agree with the outcome.

America’s Civil War caused great divides of North against South, Stars and Bars against Stars and Stripes, and slave states versus free states. But in spite of the bitter war America went on to become a peaceful nation and has successfully lived with the outcome of the Civil War, despite lingering regional resentments. Slavery was very divisive, but following the war it was unanimously decided that slavery is a bad thing, and today one suspects there are more black millionaires in America than there are in all of the black nations of Africa, which is an indication of the civil agreement Americans have reached with their past.

Originally, America experienced it’s first serious division and actual military fighting with the allegiance of the British government, colonial loyalists and various tribes of Indians that competed and often fought against the Colonial freedom/independence seekers at the time of the revolution. But the Colonial independence fighters won the war and America charged ahead to union and success in the world and even soon became best friends with England because everyone knew the facts and the losers accepted the loss.

In general, division has always been good for America because it has allowed citizens to select the best path forward from several options, but it depended on an honest press to advocate for both sides of an issue, and that honesty is totally lacking in America today. Division is good if it allows competition between differing ideas, but the looming large size of government is preventing the presentation of any argument in favor of a limited government, as the founders detailed in the constitution, to be honestly presented.

Today it’s Democrats against Republicans, small-government ideas versus big-government, higher taxes versus tax reform. The greatest issue currently dividing Americans is the hate-Trump leftists, and the situation won’t get better soon because even though Donald Trump was duly elected president, the Democrats refuse to accept his election and continue to stir up trouble, which often results in violence.

Republicans were outraged at the things Barack Obama did while he was president, but we accepted the vote that made him president and society went on as the Republican Party made changes to assure that Obama’s successor to the Oval Office did not share his wildly radical, leftist views. But with the non-acceptance of Donald Trump by liberals they are creating a significant tear in our nation’s fabric which will cause trouble for years to come because of the left’s narrow-minded insistence on having things only their way, or else.

Obamacare is an example of government not allowing an honest presentation of the case before the nation. No competition is allowed in the Democrat model as the government inches closer to being the sole provider of health insurance, and even supposedly conservative, small-government Republicans cannot find it in themselves to just repeal Obamacare and let the free citizenry make their own selection for insurance, just like they do for any consumer item.

Perhaps the current greatest danger to liberty and prosperity in America is the prevalence of fake news, a lying press, a partisan press which is mainly liberal and will not allow an honest representation of the dangers given the choices before us. Today’s liberal press will always side with the Black Lives Matter group against any white or black conservative group; they’ll side with any LGBTQ identity group, or any group claiming discrimination, against any traditional group, and the story they present will always praise the liberal group and condemn the more traditional group. This assures that the divide among the American population will widen because both sides of the subject are not allowed nor even considered to exist by the liberal press.

Donald Trump has, for the first time, identified the problem as the falseness of the reporting of the press, and successfully works around the problem by tweeting the truth direct to the citizens, bypassing the dishonest press. It’s a shame that the Constitutionally protected press must be left out of President Trumps’ direct communication with his supporters, but the antagonistic, malicious leftist press will not present the truth to Americans, so the president uses technology to go over their heads.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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