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Now Candy Is Racist

Is this madness ever gonna stop? What kind of a society have we become? We know the crazy Left see’s a racist behind every tree, everything the Right does or plans to do is racist, everything we think, and everything we say is automatically racist. Racist, racist, racist, the Left is obsessed with race.  Ann Coulter said it best; there are two groups in this country who are obsessed with race, Skin Heads and Liberals and truer words were never spoken.

But now I think they have gone over the top and they need to take a good look in the mirror and realize how stupid and idiotic they truly are. We all know the candy Skittles, I have enjoyed them many times. If you were to ask me what the colors of the candy were I couldn’t tell you, why, because it’s candy and I don’t pay much attention, I just enjoy the candy.

It seems the “Skittles’s marketing department had a genius idea to celebrate Pride Month: remove their trademarked “rainbow” of colors from their candy out of respect for the rainbow pride flag. So now when you open the bag all the Skittles are white, does it really make a difference, why would anyone care, like I said, it’s just candy.” Not only is the candy racist, but those who buy them are also racist. I’m gonna run right out and buy a couple of bags.


But the crazy’s are out on Twitter, some of them said;


“Using the LGBT committee as a cover to practice racism in plain sight.”

People please, it’s candy! It is clear that people who cry racist at everything have no clue what real racism is. Also, they need to get a life and do something useful for society. Calling everyone and everything racist is not helpful or productive for society at all.

This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. One night as I slumbered, little “Green” men took me to an alter-universe where all the BIG ITS ate only Stewpids and peabrains and afterwards inhaled wacky backy…….”Your are what you eat”

  2. I find it interesting you say only skinheads and liberals are obsessed with racism, yet most of this blog covers this topic. Just saying.

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