Republicans: A Party Under Attack

The Nazis in Germany and the Communists in Russia operated under such a corrupt system that their opponents never got elected to office. In 2017 America, a Republican was, miraculously, elected president, and he has been persecuted and the subject of violent attacks ever since.

For months following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, we witnessed many and continuous violent demonstrations against him in which people were beaten and property was burned.

Then we saw our president’s head severed in effigy by a radical Hollywood woman.

Next, we saw a play in which our Republican president was killed in the guise of Julius Caesar in ancient Rome.

So today the logical result of this violent leftist activity reached its zenith with the rifle and pistol attack on congressional Republicans as they met in a park in Alexandria, Virginia, for baseball practice, with several people being shot and wounded in the process.

And where are the liberal leadership while this murderous radical activity is taking place? Silence. Total silence.

The radical leftist freaks who are in power in the Democrat Party caused, and I really believe, encouraged, this violence, and will not condemn it. The liberal press is also in attack phase against Republicans, especially President Trump, by reporting news stories that they know are lies about Trump colluding with Russia, but refuse to report stories about his being cleared of any investigation for any crime, which was made public by no less a prominent person than the Director of the FBI, while the liberal press continued to report that he was under criminal investigation.

The fact that one of our political parties is under attack equates to our entire nation being under attack from the violent, radical left. Are there no responsible members of the Democrat party left to raise a sensible voice to challenge these unending attacks?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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