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Libkiddy talking points for 6/9/17

Leftist propaganda outlets have begun the final spin of the week: James Comey, victim and patriot, called Trump a liar and got his revenge.

Comey’s testimony was entirely scripted to enact revenge upon President Trump after he fired the former FBI Director for mishandling the Clinton email and Russian election interference investigations. Starting off with whiney “he lied about us,” Comey expressed sorrow for not being given the opportunity to say goodbye to his FBI buddies. He went on to characterize the President as a liar using statements that no witness has come forward to corroborate and that the White House say never happened. The left is painting an entirely different picture:

No proof of obstruction came forward in Comey’s testimony. Trump’s “I hope you can let this go,” statement seems to be the center of his case against the President and as one Senator put it, “No one has ever been indicted for hoping something.” A fact even Comey had to stipulate.

Comey went into a short closed-door session with Senators after his public testimony. Expectations are low that anything damning will come out of that session either.

The bad news for Trump is that the testimony did nothing to close the door on the unsubstantiated obstruction claims being levied by Democrats. We’ll be hearing about that and impeachment for the foreseeable future.

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