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Guess Who’s the Subject of an FBI Investigation – It’s Not Trump

For all his ranting against capitalist white-collar crime, “progressive”, a.k.a. socialist, Bernie Sanders himself may well have been involved in that type of case. According to an exclusive story posted on VTDigger in April, the FBI is, in fact, investigating allegations that Sanders helped his wife Jane Sanders fraudulently obtain bank loans for Burlington College, an institution no longer in existence.

According to the allegations, Jane Sanders concocted a plan to purchase 33 acres of land in order to expand Burlington College, a “nontraditional” institution whose students, according to Politico, included single parents and hippies.

At the time, Sanders was president of the college. In her request for the $10 million bank loan, Sanders allegedly claimed a falsely-inflated amount of donor pledges, and her husband allegedly used his influence as a U.S. senator to push the bank to approve the loan.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the Trump Justice Department that initiated the investigation. It was none other than President Obama, Attorney General Lynch and Obama’s U.S. Attorney for Vermont who, in fact, began the probe.

Now that the Trump Justice Department is currently handling the investigation, the Sanders have enlisted the services of two prominent attorneys, Sanders admirer Rick Cassidy and Scooter Libby defense attorney Larry Robbins.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the very FBI the left is depending upon to bring down President Trump may actually bring down one of their favorite spokespersons? Wouldn’t it also be doubly ironic if the socialist Sanders might actually be involved in white-collar crime? Such is evidence of the hypocrisy of the left; so what’s new?

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Cynthia Guenthner

Cynthia Guenthner is a freelance writer and political blogger who has been a lifelong conservative Republican. She was a columnist for the Bush website from 2002-2005. She was Vice-Chair of her local Reagan-Bush re-election committee in 1984. Since then, she has held other offices in her county GOP organization. She is an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump and the MAGA movement. Besides politics, her interests include animal welfare, traditional country music and NASCAR.

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