Debbie Wasserman Shultz Too Toxic for Dem Fundraiser in Her Own District

Democratic party congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz became a figure of much notoriety last year when the leaks of internal DNC emails showed that the Hillary Clinton stooge ran the DNC like a commissar in a satellite of the old Soviet Union.

Wasserman Schultz was instrumental in the corrupt party apparatus’s drive to stack the deck against Bernie Sanders in the primaries, something that many on the left have never gotten over nor forgiven.

The release of the leaked emails was covered-up by slippery James Comey’s FBI which didn’t bother to examine the allegedly hacked servers and relied on the word of a shady cybersecurity company which was paid by the DNC. The narrative was eventually established that the Russians did it at Putin’s personal direction and that scam has been used to brainwash millions of Americans who are incapable of critical thinking. These people are commonly referred to as Democrats.

But despite the Russian misdirection play, it was still a pox on Wasserman Shultz’s standing within the party and the wild-haired South Florida shrew has become one of the rare figures from the Hillary Clinton crusade who has actually become too much of an embarrassment to tolerate in public.

While the payday loan industry prostitute had to suffer the indignity of stepping down from the DNC, she quickly got a gig with Queen Hillary’s campaign and stuck with her through the bitter end when that impenetrable blue wall crumbled after three key Rust Belt states went for Trump.

But some Democrats (although not many) have an attention span longer than that of a flea and Debbie the Carp was shelved from speaking during a big fundraiser in her own district that took place on Saturday.

As reported by Sunshine State News “Democrats Trash ‘Broke’ FDP for Picking Scandal-Ridden Wasserman Schultz to Open Leadership Blue Gala”:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has pulled out of speaking at the Florida Democratic Party’s Leadership Blue gala after party staffers confirmed she would delivering opening remarks.

Grumblings are growing louder over former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s scheduled opening remarks for the Florida Democratic Party’s Leadership Blue gala this weekend.

FDP staffers recently announced Wasserman Schultz would be opening up the annual gathering of party faithful, which is scheduled to take place Saturday in Hollywood.

By Tuesday, Wasserman Schultz was out of the program entirely.

Not everybody was happy about Wasserman Schultz rolling through the gala after bulldozing the party’s reputation last summer.

Wasserman Schultz’s former congressional primary opponent and Democratic activist Tim Canova took to Facebook Tuesday afternoon to criticize the FDP for its “huge problem” in selecting the South Florida congresswoman to give the opening remarks.

Piggybacking on a Leslie Wimes column in Sunshine State News, Canova took a no holds barred approach in criticizing party leadership for its “grave mistake.”

“Why the party would want to promote the very personification of scandal, disgrace, and failure to open the gala says more about the incompetence and bad faith of Bittel and his leadership team than any lip service they’ve given in recent months and even recent days about remaining neutral and impartial in contested primaries,” Canova wrote.

Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chair last July after a Wikileaks email scandal showed she and top Democratic officials were biased against Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. She resigned following the DNC convention late last July.

Canova accused the FDP of being fresh out of cash — bringing Wasserman Schultz into the picture, he said, wouldn’t help their cause.

“This at a time when the party is reportedly broke, having trouble meeting its payroll, begging for a loan, just months after Bittel promised to raise millions and millions of dirty corporate dollars for the party,” he said.

Fundraising numbers have been less than stellar for the FDP, which is still reeling from an abysmal performance during last November’s general election where the majority of statewide candidates lost their campaigns on top of a failing presidential bid from Clinton.

The event went on with speeches from former vice president Joe Biden and Democrat Florida Senator Bill Nelson among others but The Carp was persona non-grata. Wasserman Schultz won reelection despite a spirited challenge from a Bernie Sanders supporter named Tim Canova last year but once the old commie sold out his supporters to endorse Hillary, it was a done deal.

It may not be the same case in 2018 for an extremely unpopular, corrupt and butt-ugly candidate who has been sitting atop the spoils system in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District for way too long now.

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