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Comey Testimony: No Smoking Gun

Comey’s testimony:

Not only did James Comey’s testimony lack a smoking gun, it lacked any real damaging substance. In fact, the fired FBI Director confirmed numerous times today that President Trump was not under investigation. While the liberal media and Democrats will undoubtedly consider today’s hearing a win, what did we really discover? As much as Democrats were hoping for new evidence and bombshell revelations, they got neither. However, what they did get instead were statements that went against their obstruction of justice narrative. Comey testified “He never felt pressure to end the Russia investigation” so where’s the story?

Let’s end the Russian narrative:

With this in mind, hopefully, we can finally put these factless accusations of obstruction and collusion away. Why? Becuase there’s no real evidence to support any of these claims. If Comey had any real evidence of Russian collusion he would’ve have clarified that today. Ask yourself this. If Comey had evidence to support the claims of Russian collusion, why would he testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee there was no collusion. It’s simply not logical. Wouldn’t he confirm these allegations of Russian collusion if he had any real evidence to support them? All in all, it’s evidently clear however much the media thinks was obviously revealed and uncovered today, nothing really was. Comey wasn’t pressured to end the investigation and in fact presented no solid evidence to suggest obstruction of justice.

Obama DOJ obstruction?

What was extremely interesting, however, was the former Director’s statement regarding Bill Clinton’s meeting with Attorney General Lynch on the tarmac. During his testimony, he went on to state that the meeting had “raised his ethics radar”. Clearly, we should be looking into Obstruction from the Obama Department of Justice, not the current administration.

Here’s the deal;

The bottom line is this. President Trump did not at any point put pressure on Comey to end the Russia investigation. An important question remains unanswered is this. Why did Comey continue private calls with President Trump if he felt so uneasy about them? It doesn’t quite add up.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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