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White House circulates timeline of Comey Firing

The White House Press Office offered the press a timeline on the events leading up to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. We’ll print it as presented to avoid the insinuation of filtering or bias.

The President, over the last several months, lost confidence in Director Comey.

After watching Director Comeys testimony last Wednesday, the President was strongly inclined to remove him.

On Monday, the President met with the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General and they discussed reasons for removing the Director.

The next day, Tuesday May 9, the Deputy Attorney General sent his written recommendation to the Attorney General and the Attorney General sent his written recommendation to the President.

During a press briefing Wednesday, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that that Deputy A.G. Rosenstein relayed concerns to President Trump in a meeting. The president, according to Sanders, then asked Rosenstein to put his concerns into writing. After reviewing Sanders’ concerns, the president decided to terminate Comey.

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  1. This narrative sounds contradictory to the earlier narrative where it was the deputy AG bringing forth this review spontaneously.

  2. The variations of this ‘firing’ will continue until something more ‘juicey’ happens. In this day of technology we almost live in each other’s bedroom….and have developed the attitude that we are entitled to all the gritty details. We’re NOT….nor do we need them…..The Director is an appointee that “serves at the pleasure of the President”…..and can be ‘fired’ when that pleasure isn’t served……obviously Comy no longer does….
    This is one alligator out of the swamp….hope some judicial crocs soon follow

    Sources are many and not all reliable… may be right, wrong, or a little of each

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