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Seth Rich Assassination Plot Takes Dotcom Turn

The case of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer murdered under mysterious circumstances, has taken a dark and sinister turn.

Finnish internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom jumped into the Seth Rich commotion that was reignited by a former homicide investigator and now private detective hired by the Rich family to look into Seth’s death.

First, Some Seth Rich background – very dark background

Seth Rich was killed walking home just before dawn. He was shot twice in the back in what police are calling a bungled robbery despite the fact that his phone, jewelry, watch, a significant amount of cash were not taken from him. A report also says that the police have refused to release the security camera footage from the corner where Rich was killed.

Just a few days after his death, a mountain of Democratic Party emails was released by WikiLeaks. The emails showed that the DNC had conspired to sink Bernie Sanders to ensure the coronation of Hillary Clinton as their nominee.

Seth Rich, an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders, is thought by many to be the source of those emails.

“We have this very strange story now of this young man who worked for the Democratic National Committee, who apparently was assassinated at 4 in the morning, having given WikiLeaks something like 53,000 emails and 17,000 attachments,” Newt Gingrich said on Fox News. “Nobody’s investigating that, and what does that tell you about what’s going on? Because it turns out, it wasn’t the Russians. It was this young guy who, I suspect, was disgusted by the corruption of the Democratic National Committee. He’s been killed, and apparently, nothing serious has been done to investigate his murder.”

Kim Joins the Fight, but why?

American media outlets, other than Fox News, and Democrats have spent significant resources to quiet the renewed interest in Seth’s death and Kim Dotcom has had enough.

Then the jailed behemoth threw this out:

“I knew Seth.” Kim tweeted. “I know he was the source.”

The tweet came as a response to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Kim Dotcom Sean Hannity twitter Seth Rich

Kim managed to tie Seth’s death directly to the Democrat obsession with the unproven Trump-Russia collusion story.

Internet detectives have also uncovered a possible attempt to hide the fact that Seth Rich was a fervent backer of Sanders by shutting down a Trump subreddit and editing/deleting several posts while it was down.

All of this could have been completely dismissed and denied in the public debate by proponents of the establishment narrative, if someone hadn’t had the sense to archive Seth Rich’s account before whoever edited it [and] deleted the email address with Rich’s full name in it, linking him conclusively to the account u/MeGrimlock4.

Let that sink in.

New York’s Media Elite Inexplicably Jump into the Fray

First, Reddit … is owned by Conde Nast – A New York media company that leans very far left and is highly protective of Democrats.

In the melee of coverage before and after the election, no glossy magazine publisher has been more publicly invested in swinging hard against Donald Trump than Condé Nast.

Nast isn’t the only New York media trying to shut the story down. The New York Times published “How the murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, fueled conspiracy theories,” then pushed it out on twitter as if someone had just blown up the empire state building. They sent the same tweet out over and over for almost 24 hours … and it got a whole 213 likes and 98 retweets. The Times should have realized earlier that their version of the story wasn’t believable.

Even though the stories aren’t pulling in readers or increasing their social media followings, they are pushing this narrative. Why?

What’s Next?

Kim Dotcom is scheduling some sort of media event for Tuesday. He may be in the middle of this or full of crap, but we won’t know until this happens:

The fact that New York media is trying to paper over the story is almost proof enough that something it going on. Add in the suspicious circumstances of Rich’s death and things get scary. Then… there’s always WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange all but confirming Seth Rich as the source for the DNC emails (which would mean the Russians didn’t do it.)

Hmm. There’s more “there” there than anything the Democrats, Congress, or the FBI have brought forth on Russia-Trump collusion. What the hell is going on?

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