Republican Candidate Greg Gianforte “Slammed” A Reporter

The Republican candidate in a special election for the House of Representatives from Montana was reported to have “slammed” a reporter who was harassing him, and the liberal press is all over themselves insisting that he not be allowed to serve for this horrible action.

But of course the liberal, lying press has forgotten about the young lady that Ted Kennedy left to drown in Chappaquiddick. This disregard for the life of a woman, who was also not his wife by the way, didn’t stir the liberal press to object to her death and insist that Kennedy be removed from his Senate seat.

And how can we forget the “waitress sandwich” that Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd liked to assemble in their favorite restaurant in Washington? This was evidently behavior befitting these two influential liberal politicians, and the press could not find time to object to such an anti-female event.

And Bill Clinton’s Lewinski episode, and his follow up to that event with a lie he made under oath to a federal judge, did not rise to the level of objection from the press. One notices each of the above Democrat “attacks” was against a woman, so if Gianforte had “slammed” a female reporter, instead of a male, does anyone believe that the press would accept the action as being no big deal, as they did when Democrats were the offenders? After all, the male reporter Ghianforte “slammed” is still alive and his reputation is still intact, so where‘s the harm?

And what about Hillary and the list of charges against her that the FBI Director listed on national television at the end of the FBI investigation of her illegal and unsecured email server? Are her national security violations okay with the liberal press? Apparently so.

And when one recalls that the press attached parallel blame to Donald Trump for the Gianforte happening, one has trouble recalling any equal blame they put on Obama when Anthony Weiner became a big liberal deviant and had to leave politics because of his uncouth actions. No double standard here, right CNN?

One of the most satisfying things that came of the Gianforte event was that MSNBC immediately began reporting that the voters of Montana were turning on both Gianforte and Trump following the scuffle, but Gianforte went on to win that election handily in spite of the liberal lies.

So in spite of the liberal news programs’ lies about how terrible Trump and the Republicans are and how badly they are doing in the opinion of the American voters, so far Republicans have won all of the special House elections, so it appears Republicans are ignoring the advice of liberal commentators as to how to behave.

I would humbly suggest that the voters of Montana voted for Greg Gianforte because he decked the reporter, not in spite of it. The entire world of the liberal news establishment in America is falling apart, and they still think they’re winning in the arena of ideas and politics. One hopes these fools continue to ignore the truth and do what they do best: lie.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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